Join EET After Thanksgiving GET SCREWED! (compared to before) :-) Lose Weight Either Way But Pay More.

EET Fitness can’t force you to do anything, and we wouldn’t want to because forcing people to do things they don’t want to do is the world of conventional dieting with it’s 1 in 30,000 Success Rate. (click to enlarge)

EET is different.

2011 is almost over. We kindly ask you to think about the following:

  • Where’s EET’s “Pre Holiday” Sales Blitz?

  • Where’s EET’s Affiliate Program?

  • Where are the ads all over EET’s Website and Blog?

2011 is almost over — EET has not run a single “discount” special.

EET isn’t trying to make money using proven marketing techniques.  WHY?

It’s not like EET is raking in cash or has a huge waiting list to join.  So why not use proven marketing techniques to grow this business? Because EET knows what it takes to produce LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS.

And it’s not HYPE or Social Networking Marketing Tatics or any other marketing tatics for that matter– how much have you invested in those much flashier plans with the big promises before and where has it gotten you?

We’re ALL ABOUT helping people understand the TRUTH about what it takes to get over their Diet Think and then building the skills needed to achieve long term weight loss and have some FUN! using EET.

We are so committed to phone and email consulting (because they WORK!), at our current rates we lose money on every single EETer we sign up–and we have done so happily to help our members and to prove that EET works.

Well, we believe we’ve more than proven EET works.

EET has created an incredibly high success rate of long term weight loss for EETers who use our consultation services regularly.  EET’s also proven it works in ways no other diet or exercise plan has such as consistent, dramatic almost immediate results for Diabetics, Cholesterol, Triglycerides and other blood readings and vital signs of health for people of all ages, 20 minute a day half marathon training and more.

Now we gotta change the fees so we can reach more people and grow.

EET Fitness knows the value of PLANNING, so we’re letting everyone know what’s coming for 2012 now so you can PLAN accordingly.

But, we really want our loyal EETers and friends who read EET’s blog to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals, so we’re giving you plenty of advance notice.

Therefore, we would never even try to force you but we would like to suggest the following:

  • If you’re thinking about joining EET — JOIN BEFORE THANKSGIVING.


EET SO sincerely hopes you accomplish long term weight loss and fitness goals, and that’s why EET is here.

EET truly hopes you’ll Join and/or stay a member until you’ve reached or exceeded your goals and mastered the long term timing patterns that will allow you to accomplish something truly amazing.

EET is different.  We and we hope our commitment to integrity (and FUN! 🙂 ) is proving that to you. Thanks to our many loyal EETers and supporters of The EET Fitness Plan. We promise to keep trying to improve so everyone has a real chance to reach their weight loss and fitness goals and have some FUN along the way!

If you have any questions about our upcoming fee changes, don’t hesitate to contact us at  or call 415-497-5621


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