Halloween Creates Weight Loss Guilt? “Diet Think” War Stories from EET + Ruth Shares Personal Issues

Any of this list of “Diet Think” sound familar to you?  Bet most if not ALL of them do. EET explains exactly what “Diet Think” is and  how these thought CRUSH your dieting efforts and we share how to deal with them. (click to enlarge)

EET Fitness delivers excellent TIMING again!

As the “big 3” holidays are upon us starting TODAY with Halloween,   We have a bunch of answers you can use to work through your dieting struggles.  We hit a lot of them last night at our webinar — here’s some highlights.

Here are the issues EET covered last night at our Webinar:

And here was the list of “Diet Think” War Stories.  We highlighted many of these and how to deal with them.

(click to enlarge)

Then, Superstar EETer Ruth  (who has now lost over 50 lbs on EET) stepped up as a speaker and shared her  experiences and problems with “Diet Think” of late and we reviewed her personal EET plan and talked about how EETers can work through struggles without needing to go off their plan and how they can actually have more FUN! and keep the weight loss on track too!

It’s a really useful webinar that’s now recorded and ready for you to watch.  It’s on EET’s Webinar Page, or drop us an email at


and we’ll get right back to you with an invite.

EET hopes all have a GREAT HALLOWEEN EETing what you love GUILT FREE!


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