Dr. Amy Uses EET To Lose 25 Lbs, Run Half Marathon THIS WEEKEND – only 60 days training!

Dr. Amy looking “lean and me…well…lean and NICE actually”  EETers like to be happy as we eat what we love, lose 25 lbs and run half marathons!

Back in April 2011 you read about EETer Dr. Amy (yep a real live Dr. 🙂 ) who used EET’s Timing Guidelines to go from no running at all to finishing a 5k without stopping after just 2 TRAINING RUNS.

Dr. Amy had 1 thumb up after the 5k in April 2011.  EET is excited  about a two thumbs up “after” pic with some FUN food this weekend after she clicks off a 13 1/2 mile half marathon!

Well just listen to our “grown up” girl now as she’s all set to run a 13 1/2 mile HALF MARATHON after just 60 days of EET Training!

Yes, this is the last week, and I’m focused.  I had a great 6 mile run on the Katy Trail on Saturday AM.  (Note: Amy completed a 10 mile training run without stopping last week).   One of my friends who bikes all the time ran with me and he was tired when we were done (made me feel good :)).  I started slow but we averaged 10.39 min/ mi. 

We went shopping Saturday, and I bought new jeans and pants because even my newer ones are saggy.  When I started EET, I was a size 14, which is hard to admit.  25 lbs lost later, I bought Lucky Jeans in a size 8, and some work pants in size 6, which I haven’t been in since Jr. High.    I’m thrilled!

I think I’m ready!  I don’t think it will be easy, but I can run several miles fairly easily.  I love that I can run miles at a time, much to my own amazement.  I grew up asthmatic, was told by my pediatrician (who I loved and admire still) that I shouldn’t do cross country because of it, and was lead to believe I wasn’t athletic.

 Thank you, Jon.  I probably am not your easiest client, but I really am happy with my weight loss and I so appreciate your training and encouragement for my running.  I actually feel I can call myself a “runner”.

I’m excited for my run on Sunday, and I’m trying to decide what to eat on Sunday after the race 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

No calorie counting or food restrictions while keeping exercise to a minimum and creating the body and fitness you want — Yep–sounds like an EETer to me!

And how much did Dr. Amy pay for EET’s Half Marathon training expertise:   NOTHING!  It was included in her monthly EET membership, and is available to all active EETers.  That all changes for members who join after Thanksgiving.  Just sayin….

Please join EET in wishing Dr. Amy the best of luck in her HALF MARATHON this weekend!   But know that EET’s TIMING GUIDELINES will have a lot more to do with her success than luck!


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