EET Donut + Giant Pancake Research DONE. METABOLISM Webinar Sunday 11/13

Mr. EET could NOT finish the Giant Pancakes at Griddle Cafe, but stepped up BIG TIME on the DK Donuts.  All in the name of GUILT FREE EET research (somone’s gotta do it! 🙂 ) click to enlarge

WARNING:  Don’t try any of Mr. EET’s “black diamond” EETing research on your own -it’s all incredibly carefully planned – plus, I should be there too!  🙂 Seriously–this big EETing stuff is not for beginners — and unless you’ve succeeded on EET for at least 3 1/2 years, trust me, you’re a beginner.

Research Footnote:  I could not handle the incredible amount of sweetness on those Pumpkin pancakes, only made it through half–bummer — But I did go for this great Burger with the Pretzel Bun  at Hole in the Wall Burger for “dessert” right afterwards.  I actually had one meal that was better than all this!  I’ll share that at Sunday’s Webinar.


These guys make their own ketchup and other sauces.  Mr. EET is all about the sauces and toppings!  Pretzel Bun needed more salt though.

EET Continues to be Incredibly Sweet and Improving all the TIME!

Mr. EET is back from his L.A. Research Project (highlight was my son’s huge game including a 40 yard touchdown pass plus great guilt free EETing!) and ready to help EETers DOMINATE the holiday season.  This is the “diet killing” season so you can sleep a little better knowing that EET’s “got your back” and will do all we can to make sure you stay with your EET plan while loving the great foods the holiday season brings GUILT FREE.

We’ll cover some helpful info at Sunday Night’s Webinar where  we’ll deal with this whole “metabolism” thing:

We’ll show you where to focus your TIME to truly “game the system” and the top 5 ways you can improve your Metabolism. We’ll also review the “metabolic hype” that’s a complete waste of TIME.

Write us at

for an invite.


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