EET Starts GUILT FREE Holiday EETing for FUN and Weight Loss NOW – FREE VIDEO

EET Fitness is giving readers a holiday gift early — our Holiday Party Plan Video.

Posted a longer version of this same message Nov 6, 2010 — how is your weight loss and fitness since 1 year ago?

Are you heading towards your goals with nice steady progress and a plan you can STAY WITH or still living the “yo-yo” guilt eating lifestyle?  EET has proven we can solve that for you!  Long term results are all that matter folks!

EET has had incredible success for the last 2 years helping our members LOVE the holidays while most importantly STAYING WITH THEIR EET PLAN.  Our growing list of Success Stories says EET’s doing things right and we want YOU on that list too!

EET is all about EETing what you love GUILT FREE, YEAR ROUND, while keeping EETers focused on the bigger picture which is permanent weight loss and fitness.  Holiday time is where EET is the most FUN of all!

EET Members will have access to all the support they need for success (which includes GUILT FREE EETing all the foods they love!) through the holidays.  Find more holiday videos on EET’s Member Video Page — plus we’ll be there for EETers with consultations as needed and EET’s Webinars throughout the holidays.  Happy Holidays from EET starting NOW!


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