EET Weight Loss Game Rd 2 on NOW: EETamaniacs vs EETinators! Wednesday Scale Webinar Info

EET’s Fitness’ Weight Loss Game — EETing Streak  started another round over the weekend — all very spur of the moment (how FUN games often start!) thanks to superstar EETer Jo.  Jo said she was thinking about playing a round of EETing Streak on her own as prep for Thanksgiving EETing.

Playing alone didn’t sound very FUN to Mr. EET so I dropped an email to a few EETer friends and within a few hours almost EVERYONE (over 10 people) were in!– So the game was on!

EETiing Streak Game 1 Final Scoreboard — 135 lbs lost in 2 Weeks! Nearly 7 lbs per person.  Sure sounds FUN to me pre Thanksgiving! (click to enlarge)

Of course, the incredibly successful EETamaniacs from Game 1 were loving the chance to defend their crown.  But we put together a strong group of EETinators to challenge them (Mr. EET is playing and team Captain this time–I like to play too!) so it promises to be another close one.

Way to stay in touch Jo! Thanks to your regular communication, you just helped a bunch of EETers lose more weight!  Too bad your EETamaniacs are gonna get your butts kicked by us EETinators 🙂   We’ll keep you posted.


Immediately after EET’s webinar Wednesday night, we’ll be discussing “game strategy” with members of the EETamaniacs and EETinators. Hang around if you want to learn more about EET’s great new weight loss game because we’re planning another round before Christmas too and you might want to get in on the action!

Speaking of Wednesday’s Webinar –  11/16 at 6:15 PM EET Will make your holidays a lot more Successful and FUN with our Webinar:

We’ll cover

  • How EET removes all stress from your weigh ins (so simple you won’t believe it!)

  • How EET weigh ins encourage long term weight loss

  • EET’s 4 S’s guideline defined and explained in greater detail than the member video.

Recommended pre webinar — watch EET’s 5 minute “4’s” Video 🙂 !!!!

Write us for invites at


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