What EETers Think about EET’s New Fees! Changes to EET Fees Announced

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NOTE:  All EETers quoted below are available to speak to or email directly–just email us at eetfit@gmail.com    and we can get you in contact with any or all of them.  Many more references are available upon request as well.

When I think of all the thousands of dollars I’ve spent over the years on different weight loss plans and the only thing I got for my money was a few hundred pounds in weight gain, I’d gladly pay $500.00 a year for the rest of my life for the benefits, tools and weight loss that I’ve received from the EET Fitness Plan!

                   —- Kathy, 52,  has lost 140 lbs on EET in her first 9 months!

If I had known in March what I know now about EET I would definitely paid the new fees for it. EET has done for me what no other plan has been able to do.  I have acheived greater weight loss than on any other plan and the knowledge I need to continue losing to my goal.  The greatest thing that EET has given me is the peace of KNOWING I can reach my weight goal and can maintain it for a lifetime!  I have never been happier in my life or felt better and I can attribute it to the new lease on life that EET has given me!

                          —–Ruth, 50,  EETer lost over 50 lbs in 1st year

EET FITNESS has given you lots of TIME, and now we’re down to the wire.

as to the value of EET… I must say the thought/word/concept  “Priceless!”  comes to mind.  The ease of communication has been great.  It feels effortless (from this side of the computer screen!)  Thank you for that!

 The effectiveness of the communication has also been great.  That part feels like so much of what I’m doing is my idea!  I get that this is an individualized plan/program and thus it is/can be so much more effective than a cookie-cutter approach. 

Finally, the outcome = my peace of mind, my willingness to continue, my monthly evaluation of your services each time I see my account debited for the monthly fee, my reduced size, my happiness quotient, my ability to think about living and not about calories/fat/good carbs-bad carbs/etc….all of that – I say again


                            —–Elissa, has lost 30 lbs in 6 months on EET

If you JOIN EET FITNESS before December 1, 2011, you can enjoy the same benefits as CURRENT members AT EET’S CURRENT PRICES (LOWER than shown on EET’s website!)— You get all the emails, phone calls, webinars and whatever else we can offer to successfully lose the weight you’ve always wanted to lose–AND KEEP IT OFF.

Ok, EET… WORKS.  Period.  I have been doing it for, oh… umm… 6-7 months?  Yes, I think that’s it.  I TOTALLY have the hang of it (or so I think!).  I mean when I know that my meal will be big for lunch, I’ll do a small one for dinner.  Let’s just say that I am almost on auto-pilot now.  With THAT said, I thought of canceling my membership.  I thought, “I can save a few buck a month ’cause I know what I’m doing now” – The truth is, while I DO understand EET, research shows that ALMOST EVERYONE gains their weight back within 5 years of trying a diet.  DIET.  THAT is NOT EET.  EET is a LIFESTYLE.  Now, with THAT said, developing a lifestyle takes time.  The thing is, I’ve made my goal weigh and I have maintained that through vacations, camping trips, etc.  I want this to be permanent.  I know I need some help during the holidays, for SURE!  While I didn’t have that much to loose to make my goal, regardless of the AMOUNT of weight to loose, each of us has one major thing in common:  We want to change the way we look and feel about ourselves.

I’m thinking I am sticking around.  I need the support.  I can spend a LOT more than the EET dues (I like to think of them as “dues” like I belong to a special club rather than fees because this thing IS a special club!) each month on things that DON’T matter at all!  (Plus the fact that, let’s face it, not only do I need the support but I sure don’t want to get stuck paying the “big bucks” when I come crawling back to Jon!  😀  😀

Even though I am at my goal weight (and HAVE been!), I am staying with Jon so that I can go BELOW my goal weight.  We spent quite a bit of time on the phone making a specialized plan for ME.  🙂  That’s pretty cool!  So now, I have a DIET day and a Base Day program and I will be skinnier than ever!  😀

          Donna — Lost 20 lbs (below her goal weight) in 7 months on EET

I’m still learning so much & easing my way into becoming a better student of EET.  I wanted you to know the biggest value of this whole program is you and your unwavering support.  You’re there whenever I need feedback, encouragement, to provide training webinars, answer questions and you’re always there with no judgment because I don’t always hold up my end (i.e. sending you my journals).  I’ve never wanted to quit thanks to all the support you provide – I’ve only wanted to learn more.  I know I’ve said this before, but I want to say it again – this is a life journey for me!  I’m learning so much about myself, the way I think and my behaviors.  That’s what’s so different than anything else I’ve tried – I’m not focused on just losing weight, I’m focused on being a better me all around – completely priceless!

                       —–Judi, lost 10 lbs in her first 3 months on EET

After December 1 – EET is still offering some FUN bonuses–but the next 10 days are really the time to act for the best possible plan.

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Please tell anyone you think might be interested — we would love to help anyone who needs it.


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