EET Post Thanksgiving Strategy and Wednesday 10 EETers LIVE Webinars

No matter how Thanksgiving went for you diet-wise,  know that it’s what you do NOW that can make all the difference in your long term weight loss efforts.

Okay, Thanksgiving is behind us now, how’d it go for you?  EETers reported in all over the board–some gained, some lost, some broke even.  That’s life, right?

Time to crash diet? EET doesn’t think so!!!

EET FITNESS has the tools to help you!  We now have 30 Info Packed Webinars for our EET Members in addition to our basic library of member videos!  All recorded and available to be watched any time. Many of the weight loss and fitness answers you seek are in these webinars — all you have to do is watch.

There has been some technical difficulties so if you’ve tried before and it hasn’t worked we apologize but they all seem to work now — sometimes you have to restart them a couple of times is the only glitch we’re currently seeing or hearing about.

So check them out and you’ll get all the info you need to help you plan and succeed through the holidays.

The webinar last night (Metabolic timing patterns for the rest of us ) is a highly recommended starting point as it includes a detailed plan for how to handle THIS WEEK, as well as specific info about how you’ll lose holiday weight gained.  It’s on the first link HERE :

EET Planning Webinars (scroll to bottom for latest webinar)

EET Member Webinars

let us know what you think and what else we can do to help!



This is truly an historic event for the EET Fitness Plan!

EET has confirmation from 10 Current Hall of Famers who will be live on EET’s Webinar to share their stories and answer any questions about how they have LOVED their EETing for at least a year with many on EET 2 years or more!

If you’re wanting to talk to the “pros”: EET HOFers Dr. Caren Reaves and Dr. Amy Philipp have both confirmed — 2 Hall of Famer EETers who are Doctors ready to “tell it like it is” about EET’s Timing Guidelines! Had this handy so thought I’d add it for a little more background:

These folks are on their way to long term weight loss — do they hold the key for you to reach your long term goals with EET?

Plus — the TIMING is perfect for working on all of our Holiday EETing and FUN!

And it’s an “amazing coincidence” that December 1 — EET changes it’s Fees–so you might want to use this Webinar to decide if it’s time to become an EETer! (it really is a coincidence but sure doesn’t look like it 🙂 )

This one might just get crowded so write for invites at


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