List of Guests/Questions for 10 EET HOFer’s=Goal Weight > 1 year -LIVE Wed 11/30 6:15 PM



This is truly an historic event for the EET Fitness Plan!

Here’s a PARTIAL list of EET HOFers expected to attend EET’s Live Webinar Tomorrow at 6:15 PM PST! (maybe we’ll get lucky + have more than 10 :-)):

  • Jim, on EET nearly 2 years  Age 68 Diabetic lost 50 lbs off nearly all medications, A1c down from 8 to 5.
  • Dr. Caren,40,  on EET well over 1 year lost “last 10” (15 actually)
  • Chuck, 48, on EET nearly 2 years has lost 60 lbs and kept it off, now races mountain bikes competitively
  • Vicki, 55, on EET well over a year lost last 15 without formal exercise and with many restaurant meals each week.
  • Dr. Amy on EET 1 year, lost 25 lbs and ran 1/2 marathon with 2 months EET training–prior best was a 5k!
  • Noel, 29, on EET 1 year, lost 40 lbs exercising less and eating Keebler Soft Batch cookies daily!
  • Jaime, 50, on EET 2 years, Type 2 diabetic, lost 60 lbs using his loves of surfing and hiking as exercise.
  • Toni, 50+, on EET 2 years, lost “last 20” Travels 4-5 days a week for business, frequent restaurant meals.
  • Lisa, 50, on EET 2 years, serial dieter who never kept it off until she lost 30 lbs on EET.
  • And 4-5 more–all with great success stories to share as well!

And Here’s a list of Questions each has been asked to answer in advance:

Age (if you are okay sharing it)
Month/year started EETing and how much weight lost

1.  your personal 3 keys to your weight loss and/or fitness success

key 1
key 2
key 3

2.  your exercise/activity strategy and frequency

3.  Favorite treats and holiday or vacation eating strategies

4. Your message to new EETers or those struggling with weight loss in 1 sentence or so (you’ll have the chance to say more if you like)

If you’re have any questions you would like to see asked, you can send them in advance to

Don’t be shy!  You can even ask a Doc about EET!  EET HOFers Dr. Caren Reaves and Dr. Amy Philipp have both confirmed — 2 Hall of Famer EETers who are Doctors ready to “tell it like it is” about EET’s Timing Guidelines! Had this handy so thought I’d add it for a little more background:

These great EETers are on their way to long term weight loss — they have dealt successfully with holidays, vacations and all the good and bad that life can throw at us — they EET what they love and the weight is staying off!

Do they hold the key for you to reach your long term goals with EET?

Plus — the TIMING is perfect for working on all of our Holiday EETing and FUN!

And it’s an “amazing coincidence” that December 1 — EET changes it’s Fees–so you might want to use this Webinar to decide if it’s time to become an EETer! (it really is a coincidence but sure doesn’t look like it 🙂 )

This one might just get crowded so write for invites at


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