3 Hungry EETers Gone Wild – now 5? FUN! Tonight EET “Gloss” Webinar

Wednesday 12/7 6:15 PM PST — Kathy, Jo and Mr. EET will be LIVE and explain you how EET REALLY Works! Get ready to be blown away 🙂

At our last Wednesday Webinar EET Fitness was extremely proud to feature 11 EET Hall of Famers LIVE each telling their incredible story of how they have met their weight loss goals and kept it of for 1-2 years and going strong.

Many who attended said it was inspiring and they learned a TON that will help them on their path to permanent weight loss.

With all due respect to the EET Hall of Famers, and speaking of a TON 🙂 — next Wednesday’s webinar promises to be MORE VALUABLE – and even MORE FUN!

The title says it all — it’s no joke. (click to enlarge)  BUT NOW THERE’S EVEN MORE FUN!

EETers Rob and Becky know a thing or two about “wild” Guilt Free EETing — are they “off their plan?” they hope to join us Wednesday to share in the fun so tune in and find out!

And since we announced this Webinar two more  EETers, Rob (soon to be Hall of famer who’s well below his goal weight!) and Becky (who’s lost nearly 30 lbs after only starting EET recently) have chimed in and said they would love to be part of the FUN on Wednesday as well!

Guess lots of EETers had GUILT FREE FUN over Thanksgiving — how DO we ever lose weight on EET?  🙂

Kathy, Jo and Mr. EET have a wonderful and inspiring EET holiday story to share– and all 3 of us will be live to tell it in VIVID detail (including more FUN food pics YEA ! :-))

If you miss this one, you won’t have nearly as much fun EETing (we’ll still help you lose weight though!).


EET’s Deal? BudgEET? “Line in the Sand”? 1+1+1=3? FUNtra? NutriFUN?

Tonight (12/4), we’ll review all the EET “lingo” that you’ve been hearing, reading and hopefully learning and make sure you know how to use it as we dominate our holiday EETing on the path to long term weight loss!

Invites? email


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