Kathy, 46 Loses 12 of “Last 10 lbs” to Goal on EET, Maybe She’ll Add Exercise Soon? :-)

Kathy found her EET Timing Plan that let her lose 12 of the 10 lbs she thought she couldn’t lose –and no exercise!  But she wants to, someday…really! 🙂

Mr. EET fondly remembers confusing the hell out of Kathy and her Husband last August when we had our initial phone consultation.  So I immediately emailed them about a dozen times to clear things up (bet that helped! :-)) and set up a follow up call to make sure they knew in detail that The EET Fitness Plan is great, even if Mr. EET is not.

Got a few follow up email questions, then total “radio silence” :-(.   So about a month ago I check in–ready to apologize again and figure out how to help more.

No need!  EET already worked its magic!  Kathy is now below goal weight at 12 lbs lost and is a proud new member of EET’s “Last 10 Club” and her hubby has lost nearly 30 and is just about where he wants to be too (EET hopes he’ll share his story soon too)!

Mr. EET’s follow up, or EET’s webinars and videos must’ve cleared up some confusion from that first consultation cuz there’s some nice tips and strategies here.  Way to go Kathy! (click to enlarge)

Kathy was nice enough to share some details and tips for EETers and our friends so here’s her story and those tips (see slide above)  in her own words:

Woo hoo! 137.1.  I haven’t’ seen the scale stop at that number since I got married in 1993. I’m 46 and in late August, when I started EET, I weighed 149. I’d never lost those last stubborn pounds of baby weight, but it didn’t really bother me THAT much. However,  the scale had gradually been creeping up and I had always promised myself that I would not break into the 150s again. I knew it was time to do something.

 I decided to try EET after talking to my friend who’d had success with those last 10. You know, they say those are the hardest to lose.

Well, I am over the moon at the results. EET was easy to follow and there was NO guilt. Did I mention that I hate to exercise? I rode my horses once or twice a week and worked out in the barn. I started on a routine of getting on the treadmill but even that didn’t last that long. I’d told Jon, that I didn’t want to have to THINK about what to eat. I’m busy and I hate to cook. I don’t think about food until I get hungry, but then I “need food now.” With EET, I planned ahead a little, had good stuff around, and made good choices most of the time. 🙂 That was really all there was to it.

 Thank you EET! 

Kathy Taylor

Fort Worth, TX

Congrats to the Taylors!  Enjoy your new weight loss during this FUN holiday season and beyond — you guys earned it more than most as you survived Mr. EET’s “off day” and still achieved phenomenal EET success!


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