Obese People Teach YOU to HAVE FUN LOSING WEIGHT GUILT FREE EET Webinar Tongiht

TONIGHT 12/7 6:15 PM PST — Kathy, Jo and Mr. EET will be LIVE and explain you how to EET what you love WITH NO RESTRICTIONS GUILT FREE while reaching your weight loss goals! Get ready to be blown away 🙂

Whether you have 100+ lbs or are at your ideal weight, Wednesday’s EET Fitness webinar promises to be one you should not miss:

Kathy, Jo and Mr. EET have some news for the skinny “don’t eat that!” people of the world:

We know what it takes to have a true transformation with

Weight Loss,

  • Improved Health,

  • Loving Food in ANY portion we choose

  • NO GUILT and


This became especially clear after Thanksgiving when we all gained a bunch of weight and HAD FUN DOING IT!  Tonight we share the details and give you info you can use to let you see what really works for long term weight loss and fitness!

a wonderful and inspiring EET holiday story to share– and all 3 of us will be live to tell it in VIVID detail –here are the topics Kathy and Jo will be discussing:

If you miss this one, you won’t have nearly as much fun EETing (we’ll still help you lose weight though!).

Invites? email



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