Stressed Amanda, 30, Can’t Lose “Last 10”? 6 Mo. on EET Lost 20 lbs! PIC – SO HOT!

Hot Before and HOT after!!!  Amazing FUN food and amazing EETer Amanda 20 lbs lighter and showing off some STRESS FREE EETing FUN!!!! (click to enlarge)

Amanda joined EET Fitness 6 months ago with a very common situation:

“I’m so stressed!  Stressful job PLUS I’m eating less and less and I exercise like crazy, I just can’t lose that “last 10”!

EET’s reply:

How in the WORLD are we gonna get this person to have FUN so they can finally lose this weight? (we don’t say it out loud — okay, maybe we do 🙂 )

In Amanda’s case, MORE fun food, LESS exercise and LESS stress, 6 Months and NEARLY 20 LBS LOST LATER later EET now has one of our favorite “after” pictures ever.  Amanda looks amazing, happy, and CHECK OUT THAT FOOD!


And, welcome to EET’s “Last 10 Club”.   You worked hard learning to enjoy your food guilt free and your weight loss and REDUCED STRESS proves you’ve succeeded. (so far….:-) )

  EET WORKS whether you want to lose 100+ LBS or want to go 10 lbs BELOW your goal weight (Amanda is one of many EETers to do this).  EET Timing and FUN are a powerful combo, and we love the challenge of teaching EET to stressed out dieters!

  Just ask Amanda — here’s her thoughts and a few EETing tips in her own words:

You can’t figure out this eating strategy my looking at it on paper, or within a few days. This is a long term approach to life that will reap benefits. I can honestly say I ran myself silly on the treadmill and overdosed on spin classes for years and never could lose the last 10 pounds (now almost 20!) unless I put myself on some silly cleanse for 3 weeks straight. I would not define this as successful for several reasons: 1. I was miserable 2. I was making everyone else miserable 3. I couldn’t live like that and would gain back weight because it made me obsess about everything I ate.  

With EET, I now have the freedom to enjoy foods I love and rest. I am still learning how to enjoy stress free eating: it takes a long time to break lifelong habits. All I know is I have never imagined I could lose 20 pounds, all the while enjoying date nights with my husband and social events without dieting. I would call this a worthwhile journey, and a success that’s still in progress. 



(click to enlarge)


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