FREE Weight Loss and Transformation Holiday Video Gifts From EET Fitness

Kathy has lost almost as much as her daughter weighs (145 lbs in 9 months on EET!) 🙂 EET bets she eats more fun food with less guilt than you! She tells you how in EET’s Free Webinar!

EET Fitness has big plans for 2012, but we still have some holiday work to do.  So, here are some holiday gifts from EET that we are excited to share and believe can help people.


Hungry EETers Gone Wild! 4 Steps to a Total Transformation

Weight Loss   * Relationship with Food * Health * Quality of Life

Taught by Superstar EETers Kathy and Jo!

Plus above is a new EET Video done during our trip to Portland a few months back.  See if you think EET is like other diets after you watch this.  And for more info–we also encourage you to read:

Kathy Loses 115 lbs (now 145!) in 6 Mo w EET GUILT FREE FUN! Pics Video

Jo Loses 100 lbs (now 106!) in 6 Months w/ EET + Buffalo Wild Wings PICS VIDEO Off Insulin Too!

EET is here to help people END GUILT AND SUFFERING over weight loss and learn how to SUCCEED.  We hope you find these helpful and wish you the happiest holidays ever, hopefully EETing what you love GUILT FREE!


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