Sarah Loses 60 Lbs (Below Goal) w/ EET Says YES to Emotional Eating! PICS – Q+A, MEET HER!

Emotional EETer Sarah sharing a few tips on how she lost 60 lbs over a year with EET (Although EET must respectfullly add – “Red Velvet is so 2010 Sarah!  Salted Caramel is what’s “in”! 🙂

Sprinkles has a great red velvet cupcake – which I actually like better than the original – much more moist.  Also, I make a lot of own my own treats.  I always have a few chocolate bars in the house.


Sarah gets this.  She’s been on EET over a year and lost 60 lbs!  She’s going into EET’s Metabolic Hall of Fame and EET’s “Last 10 Club”!  WAY TO GO SARAH!!

Sarah requested EET protect her privacy but she doesn’t mind showing you her LOVE of food in this FUN EET Hall of Fame Shot (thumbs up next time, please 🙂 )!

From Emotional Eater to Emotional HOF EETer

Sarah came to EET with PLENTY of emotional baggage (truly serious stuff) and all the associated eating and weight gain that usually go along with it.    She decided to make some changes in 2010 and had lost about 20 pounds using the “horse and buggy” techniques of calorie counting and deprivation. NO FUN!

Then she found EET, lost another 40 (below her original goal weight, of course 🙂 ) and learned to SAY YES to and LOVE Emotional EETing! FUN!! (and sustainable too!)


If you’re interested making emotional EETing work for you, please attend EET’s Say Yes to Emotional EETing Webinar.   Sarah will be the guest presenter!  She’ll do a short presentation that will will cover

  • Sarah’s history with Emotional eating with examples

  • Sarah’s transformation using EET

  • Sarah’s keys for success that YOU can use to LOVE Emotional EETing

  • then answer any and all questions you have

  • Write us at for an invite to learn from this amazing EETer!


Sarah also answered a bunch of questions EET threw at her in preparation for the webinar.  Here you go!

Were you always an emotional eater?

My family celebrated life with food and it became that way for me.   When I got older, entered the work place, I would have snacks at my desk to help carry me through deadlines, etc.    Then after the death of my brother it became centered around stuffing those feelings down plus other emotional issues.

Give us an example of how you would emotionally eat.  What was going through your mind?

I think probably what every ‘addict’ thinks… Oh my gosh, this tastes so good.  Oh my gosh, it doesn’t taste or feel so good anymore, maybe I should stop.  Oh my gosh, I can’t stop while there is still food here.  Oh my gosh, I am such a bad person for eating all of that.  Oh my gosh,  I have to make a better choice next time.  

How did you feel about your eating the next day?

I wouldn’t even make it to the next day before feeling guilty.  Those feelings would often hit while I was eating.  In fact, the guilt would probably disappear by the next day freeing me to eat some more.

What made you decide you needed to work to conquer emotional eating?

I finally looked in the mirror and realized I love myself more than this.

What success strategies worked before EET? 

I initially lost my first 20 pounds with calorie restriction BUT IT WAS MISERABLE.

Why did you decide to join EET?

I thought the idea was intriguing.  I didn’t want to calorie count any more.  

What were the keys EET taught you that made you say YES to and LOVE emotional EETing? 

If you have to have it, have it.  If you don’t put it aside until the next EETing opportunity presents itself.  Have fun.  Hunger is just a habit – timing is more important than hunger.

Give us a couple of examples of how EET helps you deal with emotional EETing

Well, one big thing is that I no longer keep treats at my desk.  This way I am forced to pay attention to the  timing of my food rather than eating to pass time or make it through a deadline.  Another, is that EET helps me consider if I really want something.  Will that piece of chocolate cake really help with the situation or should I just step back for a few, maybe take a little walk instead.  I then process that I should see if tomorrow I still need the cake.  Most days I find that I don’t.

Tell us about your exercise and activity lifestyle when you weighed the most

It was a mix.  I would have spurts of great exercise sessions and then stretches where I wasn’t moving at all.  Though, even when I would do a lot of exercising I was still eating all day long which negated all of the hard work.

How did your exercise and activity change when you first started losing weight – then on EET?

When I first started the weight loss project (through calorie restriction) I just made exercise consistent.  I was doing interval work on the elliptical or treadmill 4-5 days a week for 30-45 minutes.  Then weight lifting 3-4.  I have always loved to lift.  I love the feeling of power and strength.  

On EET, I dramatically reduced my exercise routine.  I did jump swedish intervals 6 or 7 days a week for 20 minutes and then cut down the strength program significantly.

What’s your confidence you can maintain your weight loss long term and why?

I am confident I can maintain my weight loss long term because I WANT TO.  I realize that this is the only body I am ever going to get and if I want to live life to the fullest, I better take care of it.  I also have more tools in place to help manage my triggers.  I now start my day with guided mediation and I feel calmer.  Every time I pass a mirror I tell my reflection that I love myself.  I understand now that I am good enough.  I can make whatever choices I want for my body, that is my privilege as the owner of this body.

 What would you tell a new EETer or someone still finding their way were the keys to weight loss has EET taught you that you think helped you the most ? 


What are your favorite treats? 

My favorite treats are and have always been sweet baked goods. I have recently shifted my EETing to a more Vegan lifestyle and there are a lot of vegan treats in this world!!!  For example, Sprinkles has a great red velvet cupcake – which I actually like better than the original – much more moist.  Also, I make a lot of own my own treats.  I always have a few chocolate bars in the house.  

What advice do you have for new EETers and for those who are still new to the plan and haven’t really bought in yet?

Get involved!  Start reading the information and watching the videos.  I was rereading stuff every day and watching the vides several times a day to just soak up all I could.  Ask questions!  There is no reason to be guessing on anything.  There is an answer for every question you might have.


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