Sarah, Ben & Jerry :-) Talk About Losing 60 Lbs W/ EET AND Emotional Eating TONIGHT!

Ben and Jerry’s on a diet plan? YUP (though Dairy Queen is the better choice imho 🙂 ) ANSWERS TONIGHT at EET’s Webinar with awesome EETer Sarah!


If you’re interested making emotional EETing work for you, please attend EET’s Say Yes to Emotional EETing Webinar. Sarah will be the guest presenter! She’ll do a short presentation that will will cover

  • Sarah’s history with Emotional eating with examples

  • Sarah’s transformation using EET

  • Sarah’s keys for success that YOU can use to LOVE Emotional EETing

  • then answer any and all questions you have

  • Write us at for an invite to learn from this amazing EETer!


Emotional EETer Sarah sharing a few tips on how she lost 60 lbs over a year with EET (Although EET must respectfullly add – “Red Velvet is so 2010 Sarah! Salted Caramel is what’s “in”! 🙂

Sprinkles has a great red velvet cupcake – which I actually like better than the original – much more moist. Also, I make a lot of own my own treats. I always have a few chocolate bars in the house.


Sarah gets this. She’s been on EET over a year and lost 60 lbs! She’s going into EET’s Metabolic Hall of Fame and EET’s “Last 10 Club”! WAY TO GO SARAH!!

Sarah requested EET protect her privacy but she doesn’t mind showing you her LOVE of food in this FUN EET Hall of Fame Shot (thumbs up next time, please 🙂 )!

From Emotional Eater to Emotional HOF EETer

Sarah came to EET with PLENTY of emotional baggage (truly serious stuff) and all the associated eating and weight gain that usually go along with it. She decided to make some changes in 2010 and had lost about 20 pounds using the “horse and buggy” techniques of calorie counting and deprivation. NO FUN!

Then she found EET, lost another 40 (below her original goal weight, of course 🙂 ) and learned to SAY YES to and LOVE Emotional EETing! FUN!! (and sustainable too!)

Read the rest of Sarah’s story and see her Q and A on this post:

Sarah Loses 60 Lbs (Below Goal) w/ EET Says YES to Emotional Eating! PICS – Q+A, MEET HER!


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