Red’s Java House, PERFECT for EET Weight Loss FOR SURE! PICS! Other Suggestions?

Everyone has their “Red’s Java House”.  Funny thing is, for some it’s Oatmeal with craisans and walnuts (talk about weight GAIN food!!!!) – but hey, who am I to judge?

How’s your holiday eating coming along?  Mr. EET continues having FUN and needs your help so I can have MORE!

Mr. EET’s idea of FUN EETing  You got any better ideas?  I’m always “on the hunt” for my next great FUN meal!  Helps me keep on my EET Fitness Plan!

While most people are running as far as they can from weight loss discussions this time of year, Mr. EET is embracing the challenge the best way he knows how–EETING what he loves!   This weekend’s FUN meal at Red’s Java house provides a perfect example!

This is Mr. EET’s favorite kind of restaurant, and his favorite kind of meal.  Mrs. EET isn’t real into the dives, so I don’t go as often as I like, but I’ll eat food like this WHENEVER I CAN FIND IT as part of my EET Plan!  Another problem I keep running into is, in the SF bay area, with it’s huge focus on organic food and “eating healthy”, places like this just aren’t that easy to find.  Maybe you can help?

And, as strange as it may sound to you oatmeal, walnut loving “healthy eaters” and deprivation dieters out there, I’m the same guy who’s used EET’s Timing Guidelines to coach  MANY EETers to their goal weights they could never reach deprivation dieting, off insulin, blood pressure, cholesterol and so many other medications.

Same guy who’s helped EETer’s run Marathons and Half Marathons with a fraction of the training other programs require too.

Told ya EET is REVOLUTIONIZING weight loss and fitness! 🙂

 I’m not too proud to admit I NEED food like this to make my EET plan work.  Actually I’m really PROUD that I regularly EET foods I love GUILT FREE in amounts I truly enjoy (remember last week?) and have maintained my weight WAY below my goal weight and improved my health over the last 3 1/2 years.

So if anyone knows of other great dives like Red’s ANYWHERE (Portland and Dallas especially, cuz I ‘m on my way! :-)) — let me know.   I hope to try them all — they’re so FUN for me and help me meet my EET goals of maintaining my weight and optimal health and fitness!


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