EET Gift: 10 PROVEN Weight Loss “Mission Impossible” Tips When You Need Help FAST — LIKE CHRISTMAS WEEKEND!

EET is “Sweetening the Pot” with 10 of our BEST “Mission Impossible” Weight Loss Tips for those IMPOSSIBLE situations, that will get you out of the jam, or the pie or the cookies, or whatever is needed to keep you happy, guilt free and on your plan!

These 10 tips, most of which are EET Fitness originals,  will be shared with our Webinar Guests tonight — but, we don’t want readers to feel ChEETed so, here’s ONE just for reading:

YOU DEFINE SERVING: Use a definition that avoids deprivation and helps you reach your goals.   Here’s a starting point, adjust it so it works for you: 

SERVING: a reasonable portion that usually satisfies you and prevents feelings of deprivation or the need to overeat.

Think that might help when you’re miserable trying to act like a “deck of cards” serving of Christmas Ham or a measly sliver of pumpkin pie is gonna do it for you?  We think so –give it a try!  The rest you gotta show up for!  Here’s the Webinar Info:

What defines “Fit”? EET helps you answer this and 9 more that can help you in your weight loss and fitness efforts.

Wednesday Night at EET Fitness’s last webinar for 2012, EET gives you straight answers to some of the best questions we’ve received, that can help you in your weight loss and fitness efforts.

So, Are you “Fit” if ur Obese, Not Active, but Healthy and Happy?

Think you know the answer? Please share!

What if EET told you that your answer to this question could be one of the KEYS to your future weight loss and fitness success?

We’ll also cover:

After a million yo-yo diet failures I simply cannot even imagine myself at my goal weight. How can I ever succeed at weight loss?

How can I party on the weekends at night when I can only exercise in the morning and still meet my goals? (just in TIME for the holidays!)?

and other questions EETers have asked that you might like to know.

We know you’re busy during the holidays, so we’ll give you what you need, and you can be “on the go” to a happy and successful holiday season EETing what you love!




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