EET Knows Holidays ARE All About the Great FUN Food, Not Weight Loss or Fitness

PLEASE don’t let the dieters and the exercise fanatics of the world take the JOY out of  your FUN Holiday EETing! 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to EETers and Friends!

Holdays ARE about the great FUN foods.  I know other diets  and the fitness fanatics out there want to teach you that there are so many other things to appreciate that you can somehow leave the fun food out.   They are wrong. Trying to convince yourself you can love the holidays without the foods you love in AMOUNTS you love is what creates a lot of GUILT and weight gain.   It’s also what makes you feel like you’ve failed and why you “go off your diet”, only to vow to “get it right” with yet another yo-yo diet each January with yet another New Year’s Resolution, which is just as destined to fail.

I wouldn’t want to stay with a plan that taught this sort of nonsense either (and I never could).  

  Sure the holiday season is about family, and sharing,  but imagine sitting in a house with your family with no FUN food around.  NO FUN.  It simply would not be the holidays in that situation.  Make no mistake, HOLIDAYS ARE ABOUT THE FUN FOOD, and plenty of it.

EETers  can embrace that, we can LOVE that GUILT FREE!   We have FUN foods in our lives EVERY SINGLE DAY, so we’ve trained all year to enjoy and succeed during the holidays staying on our EET plans!  You don’t have to do what the dieters or the exercise fanatics do and  give up on your EET plan to love our holiday EETing,  you can love your decadent holiday meals GUILT FREE AS PART OF YOUR EET plan! 

EET likes to be where the FUN is (TRUST ME ON THIS! 🙂 )  

We’re not on the “No Joy Diet”.  

If you want to succeed with your goals long term, it can’t always be all about the weight loss and fitness — haven’t your past yo-yo efforts, or the guilt you feel eating foods you LOVE proven that to you yet?  If not, EET will!


Mr. EET, December 2011

EET “On The Go” Webinar Recording Now Available.

 (click to enlarge images)

EET On The Go Webinar Recording Link

Password is QANDA

We had a nice turnout for our last webinar of 2011.  As promised, it was SHORT, SWEET AND FUN!  We even had time to do an “encore” and added a bonus question at the end.  Above are a few of the Q and A we go over, there’s about 10 key questions in all.  Check it out when you have TIME– it WILL help you love your holiday EETing!


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