Forget Weight Loss, Fitness. Only New Year’s Resolution Worth Making – MANAGE STRESS!

EASY does it in 2012!    EET suggests 2 Steps for stress management for the New Year.

Happy New Year from EET Fitness!

We hope this year is your best one yet, and we want to help, so we’re suggesting 1 AND ONLY 1 New Year’s Resolution that will make your life much more happy and fulfilling.

Learn to Manage Your Stress!

Sounds great, but we have no idea how much stress you deal with, right?  Maybe.

But, we’ll give you 2 simple steps to get you started anyhow 🙂 :


Notice we didn’t say try to ELIMINATE stress.  Stress is not all bad.  Most things worth having in life (health, family, relationships, career) come with stress, so accepting that stress is here to stay is Step 1 in learning to manage it.

These cats get it! (though they need to make sure it sticks before moving to the next goal 🙂 )


Don’t burden yourself with a bunch of stressful New Year’s resolutions that are more than you can handle.  PICK ONE GOAL – JUST ONE – The EASIER the better, but make sure it’s important.  Keep that goal as a high priority till it’s reached!

Give it a try and you’ll see.  One goal is a lot easier to manage and more likely to get accomplished than 2, 5 or 10.  Just not feeling so overwhelmed will help manage your stress immediately.

And wait till you see the stress management benefits that come from the confidence and excitement of actually reaching a goal that’s important to you!  SO PICK ONE!

Oh, one more thought that might help.  No matter what your goals may be, one thing is for sure — Stressing out about them will not help you achieve them!

 We have several more steps to offer,  but that’s enough for now — why overwhelm you?  Remember EASY DOES IT in 2012!


2 thoughts on “Forget Weight Loss, Fitness. Only New Year’s Resolution Worth Making – MANAGE STRESS!

  1. I can’t see the webinars on Sunday nights. When will this be available on the EET website? I love and need this program. Thank you for doing it.

  2. Linda

    which webinars are you referring to? We have our first live webinar TOMORROW night (wednesday) and all Sunday webinars are recorded and already on the website–just let me know which one(s) you are wanting to watch and I can send you the links and passwords directly.

    EET loves you (and Kim) too!

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