Power of PROCRASTINATION for Weight Loss New EET fit Timing Kit Tonight!

In the event your 2012 “super motivated” approach somehow fails you ,  EET Fitness would like to offer you weight loss and fitness  — we’ll lay out your EASY first two month’s plan at tonight’s webinar.

With all due respect, EET Fitness has a question:

How have those frenzied “really gonna do it this time” efforts of prior new years been workin’ out for ya? 🙂

EET’s gonna teach you that

EASY DOES IT IN 2012!!!!

Even though you can put off getting started on our recommendations for EASY — please know that going hard could cause some serious WEIGHT GAIN!

Remember, EASY does it!


(click to learn more about the EETfit Timing Kit )

We’ll also preview EET’s new EETfit Timing Kit to give you even more tools to procrastinate with  — while heading for your weight loss and fitness goals.

Don’t put off your chance to learn to procrastinate successfully! 🙂   Email for an invite at



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