EET Portland Weight Loss Seminars Jan 21-22: FREE TIMING Plan For 1st 50! Dallas Next!

More STRESS FREE Weight Loss for Portland!  We’ll give away 50 of our EET Weekly Timing BudgEETs filled in with a proven plan for weight loss at this weekends FREE Portland Seminars (click to enlarge)

EET Fitness had a great first week in Portland, helping a lot of people get started with their EETfit Timing Kits, as well as some full EET Fitness Memberships and EET Custom Plans for people who have important goals like a wedding and a Hawaii Trip coming up, or years of out of control Diabetic Blood Glucose readings that need to be controlled, and want some results as fast as possible.

EET welcomes all our new members and we pledge to do all we can to help you succeed with your goals.

That’s why EET is here — and we’re gonna be here to help more people from now through Jan 22.  Please pass along our seminar info — lots of STRESS FREE Weight Loss and Fitness available for those who might be interested! 🙂

We’ll give away 50  EET Weekly Timing BudgEETs filled in with a proven plan for weight loss at this weekend’s Portland Seminars

SPECIAL BONUS!  We’re gonna GIVE AWAY a specific EET Timing Plan FREE to the first 50 who register for this weekends Seminars — It’ll definitely be worth your TIME!

Email to register at

EETFit Timing Kit Webinars are Recorded — Check them out!

Mark Cuban — Future EETer?  EET will be there so somebody pass him a flyer! 🙂

Dallas EET Seminars Coming Up!

So Mr. EET is finally going to Dallas — Can’t Wait!  We’ll have dates and more info later this week.  EETers, start sending those food recommendations — I hope you can do as well as the EETers in Portland have done — WOW do I love the food here!  So did Jim who joined me for most of the week and had FUN with an Ozzies Gyro (best I’ve ever had, no doubt) and helping new EETers learn about his transformation of 40lbs lost and an A1c of 8.1 and lots of meds to 5.1 and off almost all his meds for 2 years and counting!

Jim had FUN in Portland — he developed some new ideas for his EET plan while helping new EETers too! Thanks to Jim for coming along!  (click to enlarge)

EETfit Timing Kit and Online Resources FREE for EET Members –check them out!

For current EET members, the ENTIRE EETfit Timing Kit is online and ready for your use–FREE to EET members!  There are also a bunch of other online resources including actual recorded consultations so you can hear how others build their EET plans!

We sent current members the link and password info — write us at  if you don’t have it.


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