3 Easy Tests For EFFECTIVE EET METABOLIC Exercise For Weight Loss & Fitness -Webinar Tonight!

Learn why EET Fitness’ unique Metabolic Windows and Customized Metabolic Exercise has been so successful in helping elite athletes and those with serious health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure lose weight and become dramatically more fit in far less time.

  • What is EET METABOLIC Exercise?

  • Should YOU be doing EET exercise?

  • How does EET exercise effect weight loss and fitness?

  • How much time should you spend exercising?

  • Is YOUR exercise regime effective?

At tonight’s webinar starting at 5:30 PST,  EET will

  • Cover some EET Metabolic Exercise basics,

  • Lay out 3 tests for exercise to give you the best METABOLIC benefits,

  • Discuss how EET has an unmatched track record of customizing the right exercise routine for all types of EETers–whether elite athletes or those with serious health conditions.


Invites eetfit@gmail.com

Also –  don’t forget our Portland Seminars This weekend — Spread the News!

(click to enlarge)


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