Portland Final EET Seminars Sat Sun – 10 lbs lost 1st week and 2 Healthier Diabetics already!

We hope all interested in weight loss and fitness will come to our Portland Seminars This weekend  Sat Morning or Sunday Evening sessions — Spread the News!

(click to enlarge)

Feedback and Results from New EETers who Joined Last week

  • We got a note that one new EETer lost 10 lbs their first week using EET!  (They didn’t have that much to lose! 🙂 )

  • We have seen nice improvements for 2 diabetics who just started on EET as well. Both have had trouble controlling blood sugar for years.  This is NOT an exception.  EET timing continues to produce IMMEDIATE improvements in blood glucose readings for diabetics, and we are anxious to help more.

Great start for these folks — but it’s just a start.  We never forget EET is about LONG TERM SUCCESS — so we’ll keep guiding them and all other EETers to make sure they get to KEEP the weight loss and improved health–that’s what EET is all about!

We hope to see you in Portland this weekend, or in Texas in February (weekend of the 18th–more info soon!), or the Bay area after that, or just write us now with any questions at



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