Dr. Amy GREAT Finish! LA Disney Half Marathon, EET Has Bottega Louie French Macaroons Waiting :-)

Dr. Amy and Mr. EET face the paparazzi after she sprints to the finish of the Disney Tinkerbell half marathon yesterday.  NOTE her medal and the French Macaroons.  To the victor goes the spoils! 🙂

EET Fitness contends it simply does not get any better than this (not necessarily in order):

  • Amazing food everywhere

  • Incredible  So Cal weather

AND Dr. Amy finished her 2nd half marathon without stopping and sprinting to the finish — she made it look incredibly easy!

Congrats again and again to Dr. Amy — such an amazing and awesome accomplishment to be fit enough to run a half marathon “on demand” with just a few training runs!  LOVE IT!  And Mr. and Mrs EET truly LOVED being there and meeting Dr. Amy for the 1st time, along with her husband Tom and supportive friends.

Now, Mr.EET just needs to know one more “training point” from Dr. Amy before getting back to creating many more EET success stories:

Which Bottega Louie French Macaroon was her favorite?    Was it the White Chocolate Green Tea or the Salted Caramel?  The Rose?  Pistacchio?  They have so many cool flavors, Mrs. EET and I did a little sampling to make sure we got Amy all the best choices. Since we were stopping by, we also had the Artisan Pizza and Portabella Mushroom French Fries with Garlic Aioli but that’s for a future blog post – THANK YOU YELP! 🙂

The EET’s Bottega Louie French Macaroon “Sampler”.  Great EETers always gotta do your RESEARCH!!

We’ll let you know what she decided so you can try them when you’re in LA!  WAY TO GO AMY (and happy b-day again too!) — Let us know your next fitness goal — EET wants in on the FUN!


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