Watch FREE! Super Bowl Party Battle: EET Fitness vs Weight Watchers / Hungry Girl 10 Strategies-No Registration REVIEWS!

Learn some KEY differences between EET and other plans- FREE! Click HERE on on the Pic above and you can watch this EET Webinar FREE with no registration required! See reviews of this webinar below.

Please note you may have to start the webinar a few times to get it to play correctly — so if it freezes just restart it a time or two and it usually plays well.

EET Fitness has decided to share our Wednesday Webinar “open house” style with any interested viewers by making it available for FREE with no email registration required.

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You can simply click on the link HERE or at the top of this post and learn 10 Super Bowl Party Strategies comparing EET vs Weight Watchers and Hungry Girl. In the first 10-15 minutes (total presentation is right at 30 minutes) you’ll see how EET is so different than other diet plans, and hopefully pick up a tip or two that will help you have more GUILT FREE FUN eating this weekend.

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Several of the attendees have been on both EET and Weight Watchers (multiple times!). Here are their thoughts on the info in this webinar:

As a certified Weight Watcher failure (at least 6 x over) this webinar helped me to see how much I had been taught that food was my enemy. EET teaches the opposite – we have to learn to really love our food to aid in weight loss. You’ll see the contrast loud and clear and learn how you can have FUN at your Super Bowl Party!! It truly can be different this time!

Ruth — Has lost 60 lbs on EET in 11 months


Weight Watchers doesn’t teach people to enjoy food. You are restricted to certain types of foods BECAUSE of the point values assigned to them. I also found that WW doesn’t take certain health issues, such as diabetes, in mind as part of the program.

I always felt deprived of real food and ending up binging most of the time because I felt SO restricted because I ran out of points. I felt guilty every time I ate something rich or decadent and ended up gaining all the weight I lost back.

The simple concept of being able to have FUN with food, eating what you love, and enjoying every minute of it probably scares a lot of people. EET goes against what most people have been brainwashed into thinking for so long. But it really is simple. Learning to eat foods you love, having FUN and timing your meals just right can produce amazing results. I have never experienced anything like EET in my entire life (so far) and to live EET day to day, have it become part of my life and accept the health and fitness changes that comes with EET will help me attain long term, stress free weight loss.

Jo– Has lost 105 lbs on EET in 11 months and eliminated 4 shots of daily insulin


Last night’s webinar was great! Yes, I have done WW and failed for exactly the reasons you listed. It is a great diet short term, and it’s definitely a diet that creates guilt when you are not doing everything to lose weight. Long term it sucks as I’ve proven (twice in fact).

Judi –has lost about 20 lbs on EET in 7 months


Yes, I’ve done WW. Yes, it is always based on guilt and continuous weight loss. EVERYTHING you eat can and should be substituted. This webinar reminded me that (a) there is nothing that I eat (EET) that I do not love! (b) I have no will power, not good at self control and (c) I am slowly but surely losing the guilt and learning to EET!

Lissa — has lost 30 lbs in 8 months on EET.

Questions or additional feedback on the webinar are welcome and you can contact the EETers above for more info if you like as well–just email us at and we’ll connect you

We hope you enjoy the Webinar and even more that you Enjoy your Super Bowl Weekend GUILT FREE!

Please note you may have to start the webinar a few times to get it to play correctly — so if it freezes just restart it a time or two and it usually plays well.


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