EET Dallas FW Seminar 2/13 and Open House 2/17 Details: Weight Loss, Fitness On the Way!

In this post are all the details including the topics covered during the EET Seminars next week in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX.  Mr. EET and Dr. Caren Reaves and other successful EETers will be sharing how EET can work for anyone so it will definitely be worth your TIME 🙂

EET Fitness is excited to announce the details of our visit to the Dallas/Fort Worth area next week.

Monday February 13, 2012  2 FREE 1 hour EET Seminars (see 2/17 Open House Info – No RSVP required – Below)

2 Sessions 11-12 Noon and from 12 – 1 PM  (Please RSVP FOR SEMINARS by emailing as space is limited)

Location:  North Texas Hospital Conference Room, 2809 South Mayhill Road, Denton, TX  76208

Format for Each Session:  (11 AM Session Shown – Same format for 12 Noon – 1 PM Session):

11:00 – 11:05    Welcome and Background Info on EET From  2008 to Today                          

  • Brief history of The EET Fitness Plan

  • EET’s Timing Guidelines: The Science

  • 2 Life Changing Keys that guarantee EET MUST be different

11:05 – 11:20     EET’s Proven Recipe for Weight Loss, Fitness and Improved Health in 5 Easy Steps

  • EET’s revolutionary new way to define your Goals – It’s not all about how much weight you can lose

  • The END of deprivation and guilt in dieting – Answers backed by scientific proof.

  • Cravings, Stress Eating and Other Weight Loss Myths Shattered

  • Portion Control Solved: HINT – It ain’t a golfball scoop of ice cream!

  • Metabolic Timing: 1 of 5 ways EET Timing works for long term success

11:20-11:30     Dr. Caren Reaves:  Why EET works for me, and why I recommend it to:

  • My Patients

  • My Family

  • My Friends

  • My Colleagues

  • Anyone else interested in losing weight and becoming more fit!

11:30 – 11:40   Comments from EETer Successes – many have been on the plan 1 year or longer.

  • Expected to attend:  Dr. Amy, Vicki, Dr. Lisa, Bill, Cecilia, more

11:40-11:45    Options available for Joining EET (discounts will be offered during Seminar)

11:45 – 12:00  Q and A

NOTE:  Individual consultations and appointments can be arranged after the Seminar

Friday, February 17, 2012   EET Open House  3-5 PM

No RSVP Required — Just stop by and meet some EETers!

Location:  Caring for Women Offices, 2805 South Mayhill Road, Denton, TX  76208

No formal presentation.  Just Mr. EET, Dr. Reaves and a number of EET Successes will be on hand to meet and answer your questions about EET Fitness.  Find out how EET would approach YOUR specific weight loss and fitness needs, whether you need a custom plan due to a health condition, or want to be a competitive marathon runner, EET has a Timing Plan for you.

Sample foods and meals for various time(s) of the day will be on display as well as a few “Time Appropriate” EET foods you can actually eat!

To RSVP for the Monday Seminars (again no RSVP necessary for the open house) just email and indicate guest names and emails.  Thanks!


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