EET Meets The Doctors, Steps Up to Flash Fried Spinach and Chocolate Mousse “Junque” For Weight Loss Fitness

At a meeting to discuss EET with 2 M.D’s, Mr. EET shows his ability to adapt to higher end cuisine like Flash Fried Spinach with Sea Salt along with Brown Sugar glazed Salmon at 1. The Gruene Door in   New Braunfels, TX

In using my personal EET Fitness Plan, Mr. EET works hard to train his metabolism to TIME all kinds of foods.

So on a day where Mr. EET met with 4 highly regarded MD’s and other respected medical professionals to discuss EET, the world of treat options changed from my “staples” of donuts, Ice cream, and diner foods to a bit more elegant cuisine.

Or to keep it easier for you diet gurus out there it went from Junk Food to “Junque Food”.  No worries, Mr. EET can hang.  Here are some highlights:

Salad with balsalmic vinegrette was served with this wonderful bread and “light” orange maramalade butter. 

Entree: Salmon glazed with Brown sugar over polenta along with “flash fried” spinach. You can BARELY see the melted butter covering the left side of the plate. DELICIOUS! Healthy?? You decide. ( Hint: Depends on your EET TIMING plan just like a Big Mac would:-)                                                    

Dessert:  Chocolate Mousse in an almond cookie “tulip”.  That mousse was so rich I can’t even tell you what sort of ingredients were in there.  Heavy whipping cream comes to mind.  Not even close to my favorite DQ Blizzard IMHO, but very nice.

Mr. EET proved he had what it takes to hang with the Dr’s and things seemed to go well discussing EET too– hopefully it will lead to helping more people lose weight, become more healthy and fit and improving their metabolism by EETing the foods they love too!

Oh, one more thing — earlier in the day– of  course the ice cream streak continued (not sure how that Chik Fil A Sandwich got in there :-)) – GUILT FREE OF COURSE!  I LOVE MY EET DIET PLAN!


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