CLINICAL RESEARCH: EET 20 Min SwEETish HIIT Intervals PROVEN Better For Type 2 Diabetics, Heart Health, More…

EET Exercise Routines are now proven to be DRAMATICALLY more effective than conventional exercise in multiple ways according to a 2012  Journal of Physiology Review of HIIT Related Research.

Since EET Fitness began in 2008, we knew exercise was going to have to change for people to achieve STRESS FREE LONG TERM weight loss and fitness.  As a result EET has offered very specific guidelines for the definition of EXERCISE.  The two options EETers can learn are

  • 5-20 minute SwEETish Intervals ™  and

  • 5-20 minute Strength CircEETs ™

EET also teaches a HYBRID exercise session that combines the best of the two EET Exercise Routines

All other forms of activities such as tennis, yoga, gardening or even running a marathon are called EET Activities as they don’t have the structure and benefits of the EET Exercise Routines, even though they might burn far more calories per session than EET Exercises.

You can read all about the most recent published clinical findings that amazingly tested EET’s EXACT 20 minute structure for what we call swEETish intervals here:

How 1Minute Intervals Can Improve Your Health

(note:  Specific Clinical  studies and research are cited in this article that can be referenced)

The results and the various studies cited in the article confirm EET’s workouts are superior for Type 2 Diabetics and for Heart health, and general fitness and muscle adaptation as well.

This comes out nearly 4 years after EET began teaching these routines.  We’ll give em another few years  so they can confirm the power of EET TIMING in a trial, or perhaps the two other components they haven’t stumbled onto yet that are KEY to EET’s intervals and make them even BETTER than the versions they used in the trials.  All in good TIME I suppose. 🙂 

EET loves all the scientific validation we can get so we’re happy to see this research show up years after we figured it out.  But more importantly, EET will just keep producing STRESS FREE, LONG TERM results for our clients–whether they do EET’s now CLINICALLY PROVEN Exercise routines or not. 


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