Salad Dressing NOT Ice Cream “The Root of All Evil” For Weight Loss, Fitness TIMING Label, Video

“EET This AND That” Gives you all the details of how your salad dressing could EASILY be the MAIN reason you are not losing weight.  EET also explains how making decadent ice cream choices can create HEALTHY weight loss!

EET Fitness’ Latest Webinar EET This AND That is now available for viewing.  You will want to restart this webinar recording multiple times because the slides are not coming up every time (it’s always SOMETHING with this webinar service!).  However, the audio has been great so if you watch the first 15-20 minutes you can use the following labels to follow along and you’ll get all the info you need.  You can also read the prior blog posts below for more info on EET’s Nutritional Timing Labels and we’ll have a lot more for EETers soon!

(click to enlarge slides)

NOTE;  There will be no webinar on Wednesday night Feb 22 but we’ll be back on Sunday Night Feb 26 —there are about 40 webinars now recorded that EETers can watch HERE for their “EET fix” –  more on Sunday night’s webinar coming soon!


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