CLINICAL STUDY: Cookies & Cake For Breakfast = Weight Loss! EET Says Lunch and Dinner Too 4 YEARS LATER – PICS!

The clinical evidence just keeps rolling in.  EET Fitness has, indeed, found the answers that have revolutionized weight loss and fitness.  Here “on the dark side” Cookies have been a staple treat of many EETers for the last 4 years :-). (LOTS MORE PICS BELOW!! click to enlarge)

Last week we shared the following study verifying EET exercises work better than chasing a “calorie burn” for heart health and glycemic control (fat burning too but study did not cover that–YET):

CLINICAL RESEARCH: EET 20 Min SwEETish HIIT Intervals PROVEN Better For Type 2 Diabetics, Heart Health, More…

Now comes a new study

TODAY Health – Cake for breakfast? Study says go for it

Eat cake or cookies with breakfast to lose weight, study suggests

Meal timing and composition influence ghrelin levels – ScienceDirect (this TIMING thing is such a fad! 🙂 )

EET has been perfecting the benefits of this study and much more for the last 4 years and many EETers are loving their EETing and Weight Loss GUILT FREE since that time.  What the clinical researchers have not yet figured out is that FUN of all kinds works for lunch, dinner and all other TIMES of the day too!  Here’s a few recent examples to illustrate our point:

DINNER:    An evening Chocolate Butter Cream Filled Canoli after a GIGANTIC Pasta dinner along with tons of butter soaked “Garlic Knots” (you gotta try these things–they just “keep em coming” and they are so freaking decadent!) with other Hall of Fame EETers and EET Jr. At C and O Trattoria in Marina Del Rey, CA

  LATE NIGHT:  Mr. and Mrs. EET get that Gherlin going with some incredibly creative and delicious ice cream at  . Sweet Rose Creamery Brentwood, CA–  such as Verve Coffee, Salted Caramel (of course), and Orange Couriander (nice!)

 LUNCH:  Burger and Fries with Pretzel Bun at 1. Hole in the Wall Burger Joint , Santa Monica, CA           along with THING OF BEAUTY  Caramel AND chocolate dipped pretzel rod covered in mini M and M’s purchased at   The Grove Farmers Market (this thing was INCREDIBLE!)

And then of course there’s BREAKFAST — Here’s some FOOD for thought for your next breakfast study guys (time was 5:54 AM –noted it for “research purposes” 🙂 !

Give em TIME — someday the researchers will figure out what EET already knows — But we strongly recommend you don’t wait for them–Come to the “dark side” of EET Fitness where there’s a lot of weight loss, fitness and GUILT FREE FUN you can be having right now!

WARNING:  Just because you can EAT doesn’t mean you can EET for weight loss!!!!  Don’t try this sort of EETing at home, unless I’m there to teach you and share it with you! 😉


4 thoughts on “CLINICAL STUDY: Cookies & Cake For Breakfast = Weight Loss! EET Says Lunch and Dinner Too 4 YEARS LATER – PICS!

  1. Jon, it is starting to work — I have lost weight since I talked to you. I can’t believe I had two doughnuts yesterday and weigh half a pound less today! I’ve never had that happen.

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