Hot Fudge Sundae Burger, Fries, Rings For Weight Loss, Fitness & FUN? Mr. EET and Troy (lost 60 lbs) Say YES! PICS!

WEIGHT LOSS FITNESS AND FUN!  Mr. EET enjoyed the Hot Fudge Sundae Burger at Calamity Jane’s in Sandy, OR.  Hot Fudge and Marshmallow sauce on the burger was good — didn’t like it  all over my seasoned fries though – good thing I had Onion Rings too (lots more pics below)! 

  We’re gonna be talking about how to build INCREDIBLE EET Fitness Menus and Plans that we can LOVE with NO forbidden foods all the way to our goals and beyond in our upcoming webinars like this one TOMORROW AT 6:15 PM:

Speaking of forbidden foods, as an example of what’s coming let’s learn some EET NutriFUN today using one of my more interesting recent FUN meals:

Notice the other comparable FUN Treats and Meals you could choose from.  Write me if you want opinions cuz I ate ALL of them in Portland last month, except the George Washington Burger — don’t love the fruit filling stuff, but am thinking about it for next time anyhow–never know what the next amazing FUN meal might be!  (click to enlarge pics)


Here’s how EET came up with the above Nutritional Timing Label — you’ll see it’s not too hard to estimate EVERYTHING restaurants serve so you can decide if it’s worth it vs other FUN options.  After searching a few 1/3 hamburgers the Fuddruckers 1/3 lb burger was a fair estimate of the nutrition in my burger

Next we have to account for the toppings.  I figured about 6 tbls of Hot Fudge and 2 tbls Marshmallow sauce (they poured it on and all around the burger — got on too many fries!) so did some comparisons and this nutrition seemed to be a good estimate:

And we need to address to the OUTSTANDING seasoned fries – just googled seasoned fries nutrition and lots of options came up — Denny’s was a good estimate of the various nutrition data that seemed similar to my fries at Calamity Janes:

I also feel compelled to add in the Ketchup that most are sure to use to eat their fries (I know I sure did) figuring 3 tbls or so

I won’t include the onion rings I also ate — they were those super thick ones I absolutely love!  However they are not officially part of the meal and were ordered as an appetizer so EET has a separate label  for those.  Plus superstar EETer Troy (who’s lost 60 lbs in 9 months) ate more of them than me anyhow (even though he’ll deny it!) 🙂

So when you add all that up–here’s what you get:

Good luck to the calorie counting worshippers trying to eat a meal like this without thinking you’ve “blown” your diet and scrambling for the exercise bike for the next 3 hours–or worse, that you’re OFF your plan and have to start again tomorrow or next week, or whenever.  On EET this is what we EET to CREATE weight loss and fitness!  And it’s been working for me for NEARLY 4 YEARS! 

But I digress….Back to the point:

At the restaurant, I estimated 1600 calories for this meal (again not including onion rings) — I was able to “do the math” in my head before I ordered it because I have done analyses like the one above many many times.  So EETers want to be AWARE of calories and other nutritional data to make GREAT choices among the foods we love, but we NEVER count how many calories we EET in a day–who the hell cares!  And we sure don’t try to out exercise them– we just make our plans and live our lives–and lose weight and become more fit EETing what we love!

Oh yeah, and we have an incredible amount of FUN doing it GUILT FREE!  This is one of DOZENS of EET FUN meals I’ve enjoyed during EET’s 2012 world tour so far – (and I didn’t even exercise before EETing it – Shame on me! 🙂

More FUN MEAL Nutritional Timing Labels coming soon!


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