Chipotle Raspberry Salsa, Hole in the Wall Burger Pretzel Bun EET Timing =END FOOD SLAVERY (now recorded)

Can GREAT Salsa and a hamburger with the great pretzel bun from Hole in the Wall Burger Joint  create GUILT FREE weight loss?  Not if you HAVE to eat it as if you’re a slave to it, but if you EET Time it and love it — weight loss (fitness and GUILT FREE FUN) is assured!

Last night EET Fitness covered details of loving food vs being a slave to food and how EET Timing can guide you to long term success with your weight loss, fitness and truly loving food.  (lots of food pics!) 🙂


It ran a bit long so maybe watch it in 10 minute segments (remember EET Progressions?) 🙂

Wish I could have summarized it in a couple of sentences rather than an hour — less is more right?  But after thinking about it I realized that short catchy stuff is what all the deprivation diet and endless exercise plans use –and they are PROVEN FAILURES LONG TERM.  So maybe for LONG TERM weight loss MORE is more?  Hmmmm….

In any case, this Webinar demonstrates how buying into the “good vs bad” foods and the “healthy vs unhealthy” eating concepts of conventional dieting might be the exact reason you have the weight on your body and the guilt, addictions and uncontrollable cravings in your mind that EET desperately wants to see you lose (and can help you do it).

(Click to enlarge all pics)


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