Demystifying the EET Daily Menu: Sausages, Pasta, Giant Margaritas ANY TIME for Weight Loss, Fitness

Can A Giant Margarita be good for Weight Loss?  Well Mrs. EET (left) weighs 2 lbs less than BEFORE our vacation last week, so it sure ain’t causing weight gain!  Learn how to use EET’s Daily Menu for more FUN!

EET isn’t that hard to understand, I SWEAR!  You just have to forget everything you ever learned about deprivation and restrictive dieting to really have FUN with EET — THAT can be hard–but you have TIME to learn! 🙂

(click to enlarge)

Sunday night, 6:00 PM at EET’s Webinar we’ll review the EET Daily Menu that is part of the EETfit Timing Kit, and try to take all the mystery out of EET TIMING so you can use YOUR menu to have more weight loss, fitness and FUN than you ever thought possible.

We’ll review both sides of the menu and explain the details.  You’ll learn the FLEXIBILITY of:

  • Fat Burning Time

  • Meal Time

  • Transformation Time

and perhaps most importantly – THE BLANK LINES (WHERE A LOT MORE FUN IS!)

Then we’ll cover a few Meals AND some EET Nutritional Timing Labels to show you how to use EVERY FOOD in the universe to build a personalized EET Daily Menu YOU can love, and change as often as needed to reach your goals!

When Can I Drink THAT on EET?

When can I EET these meals and how much SHOULD I EET ?

Come see the great mystery of The EET Daily Menu revealed!  Invites


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