Actor Monterey, 60, Loses 20 Lbs for 1 Year: “EET Key To Saving Life” – Kidney Transplant Soon PICS! HOF!

“Still using  EET to maintain my weight as well as good cholesterol levels and blood pressure. I’m good to go (for transplant surgery) and EET played a key role in saving my wife’s life, thanks is not enough!”  Monterey, 60, New EET Hall of Famer along with wife Bonnie (more thoughts directly from them in this blog post)

WOW.   EET Fitness has helped many people with very difficult weight loss and health challenges, but Monterey’s story has always been one of the most moving, and EET is excited to be part of what all hope will be a successful resolution.

Over the past few years, Monterey’s wife, Bonnie, has suffered from polycystic kidney disease, a genetic disorder,that has created the need for a kidney transplant (read the story here).  As they have searched for a donor, fifteen people offered to be tested as potential living donors.. However, for various reasons, they all dropped off the list.  Monterey wanted to be tested, but he was struggling to get his weight down to qualify.

EET was only too happy to show Monterey the power of Eating and Exercise Timing.  Withing 2 months Monterey was right at his goal weight as we shared with you here:

EET DIET SUCCESS: Actor Monterey, 59 Loses 17 Lbs in 60 days w/DiEET -PICS!

But losing the weight was only half the challenge.  Monterey had to keep that weight off during what has become nearly a year of waiting, testing and retesting.  His weight loss needed to be SUSTAINED.  This was a great test of EET’s most important component: SUSTAINABILITY.

Monterey getting a recent GFR Nuclear test (click to enlarge)


Monterey has continued to use EET Timing and is now BELOW his goal weight after a full year.  He is now officially a member of EET’s Metabolic Hall of Fame as well as EET’s Last 10 Club.   More importantly, his improved health and fitness are going to allow him to help Bonnie live longer with a kidney transplant!  Here’s are Monterey and Bonnie’s EET along with a transplant update:


From Monterey:

“I’m doing great and looking forward to our transplant surgery in the next couple of months. We changed tactics and just went into the national exchange registry. It looks like since I’m in such good shape and a universal donor I can go to some one else in need and my wife would get a younger kidney with a longer life span. It’s complicated and amazing. 

 Still using my timed workouts, EET diet, maintaining my weight as well as good cholesterol levels and blood pressure. I’m good to go and your program played a key role in saving my wife’s life, thanks is not enough!”

From Bonnie:

“I’m so proud of Monterey. He’s truly made the EET program a lifestyle change. Not only is he my hero for being willing to be a kidney donor but thanks to EET he also looks as slim and handsome as when we first met & fell in love 20 years ago!”


Bonnie’s been busy completing all her testing and has been cleared for transplant. Monterey has also been tested….and re-tested….and has finally been approved as an extended criteria kidney donor. It’s been a long and winding road but has ended up in a great place.

Bonnie’s transplant hospital, California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) in San Francisco, is putting both Bonnie and Monterey into the National Kidney Registry in hopes that they can both facilitate a kidney swap. So not only is Monterey a hero for being willing to donate a kidney to Bonnie, but he might be able to start a chain of kidney swaps that could result in many more people receiving life saving kidney transplants. What a guy!! Thank you so much for all your ongoing support and prayers and for keeping all fingers crossed.

 EET is proud to have played a part is such an amazing story and are praying for successful transplant surgery for both Bonnie and Monterey.  Meanwhile, we are thrilled to congratulate Monterey on his amazing EET success (during a highly stressful period) that EET hopes to help sustain for many years to come!


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