Doug, 68, Loses 35 lbs in 90 days A1C 7.7 now 6.5 w/ EET Daily TIMING Menu – No p90x, PICS, Dr. Results

Too old to lose weight and become healthier FAST without strenuous exercise?  EET says NOPE! Doug has just gotten started with EET, but he’s succeeding FAST with EET losing 35 lbs in 90 days!  

EET FITNESS says it over and over (and over and over)  LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS AND FITNESS is what we’re all about.


That doesn’t mean EET Timing can’t produce some pretty amazing transformations in a hurry!  Even at age 68! (another of the many myths shattered by EET for 2 years now — see EET: 27 Lbs Lost in 90 days / Diabetes Under Control! – YouTube !)

Doug is really happy with his EET Timing plan, and his results, a true TRANSFORMATION in progress at age 68, show it.  And let’s be clear, there’s NO CALORIE COUNTING, FOOD RESTRICTIONS,  p90x or insane “injury waiting to happen” workouts going on here.  No stress at all in fact.  A walk here, some chores there – Doug uses TIMED EET Activities and an occasional short EET Exercise routine and his well balanced EET Timing Diet (including FUN!)to give his body metabolism everything it needs to reach his goals.

Doug was kind enough to share his Dr.’s results with us and figures that will do all the talking about his experience with EET so far– he also added this:

“EET has helped me enjoy life and be more active. The program has really worked well for me and my wife (has lost 15 lbs–blog post coming soon!). Thank you, EET.”

                                Doug, 68, EET’s Latest Diabetic Timing Diet Success

And now, let’s go to the scoreboard!

HBA1c …7.7%  now 6.5%

(amazing what a little TIMED beer and barbecue can do eh?! :-))

Chol…147 (now 116)

Trig…199 (now 77)

HDL…49 (now 48)

LDL …58 (now 53)

ALT… 34 (now 21)

Urine Microalb … 10.1 (now 6.8)

Creat… 1.03 (now.82)

K…4.7 (now 4.3)

Oh and this is kinda important too:-):

  “In December started reducing multiple daily medications by 30-50%”.

Congrats to Doug and his Wife!  Keep EETing and having FUN and showing everyone that TIMING (especially EET Timing) applies to ALL ages!


You can learn how EET’s Daily Menu can work for you in this EET Webinar — Go there now!

Doug’s success was based HEAVILY on the concepts included in EET’s Daily Menu which is a part of The EETfit Timing Kit.  We reviewed the menu in great detail at last week’s webinar so check out the details and see how EET recommends to use the Daily Menu to reach your long term weight loss and fitness goals STRESS FREE!

NOTE – Be sure to have a quiet location to watch the webinar — I used a “better” microphone thinking it would help and it resulted in a clear but QUIET webinar — The content is well worth it so just crank the volume up!


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