Athlete Nina Uses EET To Lose Last 10 (12) lbs in 2 Months BADASS Before After PICS!

Nina is a competitive athlete, but regular exercise and feeble deprivation dieting efforts alone couldn’t stop her from gaining 10 lbs.  EET Timing could stop it, DID stop it, and she lost 12 lbs in just 2 months! 

I made many strong resolutions to diet and exercise, but all of these efforts never lasted longer than 12 hours.                 Nina on her prior efforts to lose the “last 10” before EET — more from Nina below.

EET Fitness has a growing list of success stories of all ages, shapes and sizes, from college athletes to many who have succeeded with EET Timing who cannot or have chosen not to use formal exercise in their plans. However, it’s worth remembering that EET was founded back in 2008 while Mr. EET was coaching high school and college athletes, so we know a thing or two about exercise, effective training techniques, weight loss and fitness. 🙂


EET was not the least bit intimated to guide Nina, who has been a competitive athlete for years when she wanted to learn how to lose the last 10 lbs of fat while improving her fitness to compete more effectively.  Granted this was before we saw Nina’s seriously BADASS before pic–WOW! (I’ll take this over any “babes in the weight room” photos – this is FUNCTIONAL fitness in the REAL WORLD – LOVE IT! 🙂 )

Bottom line: athletes and EET timing are a very powerful combination, and 2 months later, it’s a done deal and Nina has gone BELOW her goal losing 12 pounds and has a new seriously BADASS after picture she was nice enough to share  — again WOW!

(click to enlarge)

Here’s what Nina has to say about her EET experience to date:

 I’ve always had a strong athletic built, but over the past few years a layer of fat started “cushioning” my body.  My strong addiction to chocolate and bread, as well as getting older might be to blame for it.  I made many strong resolutions to diet and exercise, but all of these efforts never lasted longer than 12 hours. 
My friend Dr. Caren Reeves has great success with EET Fit and that convinced me to give it a try.  I was skeptical to see if the money was well spent.
I lost 12 lbs in 2 months!!!!  Woooohooo!!!!  I never felt hungry or deprived.  I even gained the extra energy to get back on the hated treadmill.  Going forward I’m sure I have the tools to help me maintain my weight and may be even loose a couple more pounds.
Thank you EET!!!!

Once again, an EETer reaches their goal weight and thinks they might take it lower — could that be because EET is STRESS FREE weight loss and fitness – even for athletes? 


Congrats to Nina — Welcome to growing EET’s LAST 10 CLUB!  We know you’ll enjoy the OPTIMAL fitness and improved quickness that EET has (and will continue to) help you achieve.  And we’ll be looking forward to more BADASS photos as you reach 1 year with EET and go in EET’s Hall of Fame (with and without the horse please!) –cuz they prove you can have it all —  weight loss, fitness and loving food with EET Timing — now that’s FUN!


(Click to enlarge)

Many EET Hall of Famers have been SHATTERING EVERY WEIGHT LOSS MYTH YOU CAN NAME by EETing all kinds of BEWARE foods in INSANE amounts while maintaining our weight loss and fitness for nearly 4 years now.  We REGULARLY have our share of Pizza, Pesto Pasta, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Peanut butter (mostly cookies 🙂 ) and lately with out travels the EET’s been indulging in a drink or two as well (other EETers are corrupting us! You know who you are!!!!  THANKS!! 🙂 )

This ongoing FUN EETing feast is only FUN because we can use EET Timing to love these foods STRESS FREE AND GUILT FREE while continuing to work on our EET goals. EET can show you how to learn to do this too — over TIME.

And NO — the solution is NOT eating and drinking all your FUN meals during lunch for the rest of your life!  Sheesh — how is THAT FUN?

Stop by tonight and let us show you how EET’s done in the REAL WORLD of BEWARE foods!



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