How to EET GUILT FREE the World of BEWARE Foods: Pizza, Cheesecake Factory, Giant Bagels, More

BEWARE! Cheesecake Factory meals can easily be a full day’s worth of calories before you get to the dessert you came for! CAN YOU EET IT?  YES!!! Learn how to EET the most decadent foods and meals ANYWHERE ANYTIME using EET Timing!

EET Fitness’ latest Webinar is recorded and ready for viewing.  JUST CLICK HERE to watch it when you have TIME.

In addition to covering the benefits of Cheesecake Factory’s Dulce de leche cheesecake for weight loss :-), here are a few other highlights:


“Why does EET keep pushing STRESS FREE Weight Loss?  The stat on the slide (on the right) is no fabrication.  You are playing a game where your chances of success over 5-10 years are 1 in 30,000.  If you’re gonna try to “survive” your diet by stressing out about your diet and continuing to allow guilt, embarrassment and irritation in your life when it comes to weight loss and dieting, you can understand why your chances are so low.”

Why does EET keep trying to teach you how EET Timing is STRESS FREE? — Because the research is clear that stressFUL diet approaches simply do not work long term.

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The EET’s Excellent Combo Pizza from  New Yorker Pizza & Restaurant – Petaluma, CA  last Weekend.  Hard to find great Pizza in the Bay Area.  You tell me where it is and I’ll show you how to EET it Guilt Free! 🙂


  • EET Beware foods have incredibly high carbs (like barbecue sauce) or somewhere between 50 and upwards of 100% fat. Many have both.  Pizza can be 60-80% fat and tons of carbs, cheese is high calorie and can be 100% fat.  So let’s say we have a super high fat cheeseburger on a very high carb bun with tons of barbecue sauce on it, do we ever get to EET stuff like that?  How do we make it work?

  • When it comes to BEWARE foods: You can  EET them, but they need to be part of a PLAN to EET them stress and guilt free, WHILE getting to your weight loss and fitness goals.

  • NEVER EET Frozen Yogurt vs your favorite ice cream if you’re serious about losing weight!  Read more about that here:

How to EET ANY Ice Cream and McDonalds for Weight Loss + a .

  • High calorie, high fat Peanut or Almond butter is enough of a challenge, but add to that the fact it’s almost NEVER eaten on it’s own.  We usually slather on some high carb jelly or jam on some high carb bread, and we have a completely different BEWARE item when we do that!  Read more about that HERE:

Which is BEST? Peanut Butter v Almond v Organic EET SAYS NONE

    • Beef Jerky can cause significant weight GAIN! (Explained in the webinar — has to do with Sodium and TIMING)

I honestly felt NO STRESS and NO GUILT EETing my Giant Everything Bagel from   New York Bagel Co – BrentwoodLos Angeles, CA   Is this an EET BEWARE FOOD? Well, whatcha gonna put on that big ol HUGE CARB bagel there?  Little Super FAT Cream Cheese or Butter?  Better BEWARE! 🙂


BEWARE does NOT mean eliminate, it means to use EET’s Timing tools to minimize the damage.  If you’re gonna EET a beware food it’s a privilege, it’s an honor, because you are going to be losing weight and getting more fit WHILE you EET them, and that’s exciting because you’ll get to the goals you always hoped you could get to— AND STAY THERE, which almost NO ONE is able to do.


 It’s easy for me to tell you to use EET Timing and manage your EETing of BEWARE foods, but many of you have uncontrollable cravings, some even believe you are addicted to certain foods.  So let me challenge you:  What if you were put in jail tomorrow?  The meal plan in jail doesn’t respect your cravings or addictions, they feed you on a timing schedule:

Do you think you would find yourself banging on the bars of your cell like a heroin addict screaming that you’ve gotta have your cupcake, carbs or meal at 9:00 PM at night cause you just can’t withstand the withdrawal from your addiciton ?  Would you become ill?  Would you die? 

What would happen to you if you were FORCED into a timing schedule?  Would you continue to have these cravings or would you realize they are simply habits you’ve decided are uncontrollable cravings or addictions?   I’ll let you think about that, but you sure don’t read about many stories of people dying of food addictions when they get sentenced to jail, so maybe an EET Timing Plan YOU CONTROL can be used in a FUN way before we have to go to jail to prove it works? 🙂

Watch the Full Webinar (and the GREAT Q and A at the End) By Clicking HERE


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