Elissa Wakes Up! 30 Years of Dieting & GAINING Lost 32 lbs w/ EET Webinars – LIST OF HER FAVORITES

Elissa is an “overnight” EET sensation after 30 years dieting/gaining and 10+ months on EET.  Learn more about her and check out her favorite EET Webinars here.

Most importantly, I listen and then go back over stuff, even listening to the entire webinar again on another day because I know I didn’t fully get what you were saying, or I wanted to listen to some point or other very specifically.  I find that your recorded webinars are a wonderful resource for me.


Elissa is freaking smart.  Scary smart,  Kinda intimidatingly smart to be honest.

EET thinks it’s a powerful story that someone THIS SMART can chase deprivation and suffering to lose weight for 30 years, yo-yo diet endlessly, gain weight every year, and still believe that’s the ultimate answer to long term weight loss.  Proves the weight loss industry folks are marketing geniuses!

But then she found EET Fitness thanks to EET Hall of Famers Toni and Jaime: And nearly a year into her EET plan, Elissa doesn’t see things quite the same way any more.  WHY?  She is LEARNING TO EET.

RESULTS TO DATE?   32 lbs lost after 30 years of weight gain dieting.

Did EET use Starvation?  Endless Exercise?  Not quite.  Hell, we just discussed the POSSIBILITY of adding exercise to Elissa’s plan LAST WEEK!

EET MUST BE DIFFERENT – because we want STRESS FREE WEIGHT LOSS – NOT weight gain as ALL other diets produce over TIME!

How does EET succeed?  Just ask Elissa. Seriously, ASK ELISSA — she’s active in our EET Exchange Facebook group or you can write us at eetfit@gmail.com   and we’ll connect you.  ( In any case, you’ll be hearing and seeing more from her soon 🙂 )

ELISSA’S LIST OF EET’S TOP WEBINARS  (Through February 2012)

1)      Checkmarks from Hell/ Holy Grail

The number one idea in both of these webinars is looking at the science/clinical research of weight loss (or weight loss in this country).  Having spent 23 years married to a scientist, I have come to appreciate the logic/statistics of clinical research.  The research you reviewed is thorough, precise, specific, and mostly understandable for non-science folks!  Although at times people poo-poo clinical research (it’s not real world, it’s done in an unrealistic setting, they picked special people-not real people, etc.)  These webinars explode some of these ideas and thoughts.  What these webinars really do is make the case for (a) throwing out ALL your ideas of previous diets (Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, and yes, even Weight Watchers) and (b) encourage people to begin thinking and searching for something new.  Research shows that only 1 person in 30,000 succeed in achieving meaningful, long term weight loss after 5 years using standard diets in 21stcentury America.  Holy Snot!  That’s a damning statistic if I’ve ever heard one! EET is that something new.  Hopefully, after 5 years EET will have something new and different to say in the research.

2)      AkEETdo – Steps to facing and managing cravings.

I liked this webinar a LOT!  I liked this because it was realistic in acknowledging that “cravings” are a given!  Most diets do not accept that we, mere mortals (a) have cravings, (b) need to acknowledge our cravings, and (c) need a method to cope with cravings!  Most diets just expect you to tow the line, eat what they tell you, or take a pill, or drink a drink, or whatever…just never EVER admit that you really want something that’s forbidden!  Because they make the assumption that you will not want something that’s forbidden, they don’t have any method to help you cope with things when you DO want something forbidden.

3)      Hungry EETers Gone Wild

I loved this webinar because it was so very compelling!  You include some real quality EETers with you on this webinar and their stories were so real, so understandable and so honest that it’s impossible NOT to want them to succeed!  Once you understand that, you can see that if you put yourself in the same boat with them, you can look at your own prospects for success!

4)      Stop Scale Stress

This webinar deals with the idea that just stepping on the scale is a formidable task to be coped and reckoned with just as much as that face-down you have walking through the ice cream aisle at the grocery store!  This webinar speaks honestly and realistically of the idea that we don’t need to fear the scale!  Speaking as a person who has NEVER owned a scale – a person who had to go out and buy a scale when she joined EET – gives you an idea of how tough looking at the scale was for me!

5)      Nutri fun/EET’s case for fun

I just remember they were good, I took notes and nodded my head a lot.  NOW THIS IS HOW YOU TRULY MASTER EETing! 🙂

6)      GenerEETer webinars

(1. Menu Meal GenerEEtor & EET treats and Fat Burning zones/2. Carb watch meals/3. EET Light meals) –

This webinar is really 3 webinars.  They are all dealing with the idea of using the “mechanism” of charting/planning/forecasting.

NEXT EET WEBINAR IS SUNDAY NIGHT 6:00 PM  Check back on EET’s Blog tomorrow for more details and to request an invite!


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