ENDING Diet Portion Control Pt 1: Fried Pickle FREEDOM w/ EET !

Mr. EET with fellow EETers Donna, Leigh and Bill at Riscky’s BarbequeFort Worth, TX enjoying a GUILT FREE FUN meal that started with a big basket of fried pickles.  What size portion was right for our EET Plans?

EET Fitness has seen the overwhelming research.

Having experts define your portion control leads to WEIGHT GAIN over 2-5 years for 99+% of dieters.

100+ More Studies to support calorie counting and portion control as failed methods of long term weight loss upon request

But, seriously,  do you really need clinical research to know this is true??

NO ONE on the EET Fitness Plan uses predefined portion control, but we have many many success stories–some who are well over 2 years in fact, and they ain’t close to weight GAIN–they are a lot closer to their GOAL weights or BELOW THEM!

Is EET saying EETers can eat as much as they want, whenever they want?  No.

Is EET saying EETers can EET as much as they need, whenever they NEED it?  YES!

Confused? Skeptical?  We understand.  EET knows how portion control and calorie counting zealot dieters think!  Mr. EET was once among you 🙂

But EET has a better and much more FUN way, that creates weight loss and does not ultimately lead to WEIGHT GAIN (thank GOD!) and we’ll be breaking it down and spelling it out in a series of upcoming webinars–starting with


Here comes the basket of Fried Pickles along with that creamy ranch dressing. 

What’s the right portion? 

A) None – Appetizers are just empty extra calories and will make me fat. 

B) A deck of cards size serving as prescribed by Mayo clinic portion control standards

C)  Fried Foods are the DEVIL (actually it’s grazing but I’ll roll with it 🙂 )  I would NEVER put that in my mouth!

D)  As much as I can get before these other EETers take more than me!



Learn more Sunday Night.  Invites?


Suggested reading before the webinar or for more info:

Portion Control and the 24 Secret Restaurant Menus  (EET’s most popular blog post EVER)

EET Says Portion Control Can Be BAD for Weight Loss, Fitness and FUN!


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