Beginning of the END for Diet Portion Control – EET Webinar / PODCAST Pt 1 Now Available!

Can this basket of fried pickles get you to your weight loss and fitness goals?  Yep.  If you learn how to EET it!  Click here to check out EET’s Latest Webinar / Summary Podcast (podcast link right under webinar link)   

What does it say that HUNDREDS of people have lost weight and improved their health using EET Fitness without these “important” portion control tools  (with EETers have succeeded for YEARS without em!):

Perhaps more importantly, what does it say about 99 million people who are trying to use those tools?  How’s that working out for them?  EET Fitness has seen the overwhelming research.

Having experts define your portion control leads to WEIGHT GAIN over 2-5 years for 99+% of dieters.

100+ More Studies to support calorie counting and portion control as failed methods of long term weight loss upon request

But, seriously, do you really need clinical research to know this is true??


After 2+ YEARS of research (both practical and clinical) on how to deal with portions as part of a LONG TERM weight loss strategy, EET has our first Webinar (45 minutes with q and a) and now a summary PODCAST (under 10 minutes hits the highlights) available for EETers. 

Click THE PIC OR HERE and you can watch the latest EET webinar or check out a summary EET Podcast

Here are a few “portions” of the webinar/podcast:

“Is EET saying EETers can eat as much as they want, whenever they want? No.  Is EET saying EETers can EET as much as they need, whenever they NEED it? YES!”

“Do you need to control your portions to succeed on EET?  EET has never told anyone how much to EET of a specific food, yet EET has many many success stories with many on the plan over 2 years and going strong”.

“EET has always been about that balance between loving great food and loving great health and fitness.  Ultimately you MUST be able to EET what you NEED without GUILT without FEAR without DEPRIVATION and still manage your plan successfully.   Depriving yourself of your “fried pickles” (and don’t kid yourself, we all have decadent foods we love- our personal fried pickles! 🙂 )  forever is simply not a sustainable strategy for long term weight loss.  In fact, it’s a proven recipe for WEIGHT GAIN. 

“Any one thing you learn tonight can truly change your life for long term weight loss.  I can name you names of EETers who are really good at just one EET tool, and they are succeeding long term.”

“Remind yourself of your goals every day.  That will be a great start in making great decisions about portions.  With a good EET plan for the week you can know that you are going to have plenty of fun, and if you can lose just a pound by the end of the week, then you’re on an amazing plan that gives you amazing food, no stress AND weight loss. When you think about it, losing 1 pound a week is MORE than enough because we need to be on this plan 5 years from now so what is all this ambition to HAVE to take off 5 lbs this week or 10 lbs this month.  WHY?  It’s just STRESSFUL to chase weight loss that way.

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