Dr. Mark Haub “State of Union” on Nutrition LIVE EET FREE Webinar Wed 3/14! High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar, Taubes, More….

Wednesday Night at 6:15 PM  EET Proudly welcomes Dr. Mark Haub to share his “State of the Union” on the latest developments in Nutrition.  He’ll update us on the latest research on EET Staples:  Sweets, Treats and Meats – Can they all “just get along?” 🙂 

It’s been 6 months since EET Fitness was privileged to have Kansas State Professor of Nutrition Dr. Mark Haub join us for an EET Webinar – You can watch the recording here if you like:

EET Webinars: SPECIAL Guest Dr. Mark Haub Twinkie Diet

Dr. Haub received attention worldwide for his “Twinkie Diet Experiment” where he ate a diet primarily composed of snack cakes and lost 27 pounds and improved his health readings!  Nutrition experts have continued to try to label his experiment as unhealthy while the mainstream nutritional guidelines continue to produce this:

EET still believes Dr. Haub is the most forward thinking person in the nutrition industry, so we asked Mark to join us again to let EETers and our friends know the current “State of the Union” in the world of nutritional research.  He has generously agreed and we are all set for TOMORROW NIGHT (Wednesday) March 14 at 6:15 PM PST with:

Dr. Haub will review research and nutritional updates that might TRULY help us reach our weight loss and fitness goals, even if it’s just letting us know how what HE’s doing in response to all the nutritional info we’re bombarded with.  He’ll also share some of the conflicting information on some key nutritional issues,  so we can make more informed decisions that are best for our personal situation.

We hope you’ll join us, should be FUN! –plus it’s FREE — just gotta write for an invite at



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