Dr. Mark Haub on Nutrition FREE EET Podcast / Webinar Recorded No Registration! PLUS NEW WEIGHT LOSS STUDY

Dr. Mark Haub enlightened us on the latest from the world of Nutrition Research at our recent EET Podcast/Webinar.  Check it out for FREE here.  Great FOOD for thought about what you read in the headlines.

Many thanks from EET Fitness to Dr. Mark Haub, for his wisdom and insight he shared with EETers and our friends on Wednesday Night.

You can listen to Dr. Haub in this “Highlight Podcast”and hear Dr. Haub’s thoughts in general of how to deal with the maze of conflicting nutrition messages we hear from the media.  Here’s the Podcast:


Check out the entire Webinar with Q and A HERE and learn a lot about the current state of nutrition research with specific discssions on High Fructose Corn Syrup, Pink Slime in Beef, the RISK of Multivitamins (truly!) and what studies support TIMING for Fat Burning,  as well as Dr. Haub’s current favorite treats (EET WANTS TO KNOW!  Plus, NO ONE should have to live on Twinkies and snack cakes forever, right? 🙂 )

There is no cost or registration required for the podcast or webinar — we want everyone to have access and we hope you enjoy it!

The EET community greatly appreciates Dr. Haub’s willingness to share his valuable insights with us and we look forward to future updates.



Dr. Haub focused on nutrition studies in his podcast/webinar, but EET continues to uncover what research really tells us about LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS.  Just YESTERDAY (March 15, 2011) we found this in the well respected US News and World Report Online:

This looks familar.  Where has EET seen these sorts of results before?  Oh yeah HERE:

That now makes WELL OVER 100+ Studies that shows deprivation and restrictive dieting does NOT work for LONG TERM weight loss (even with a journal!) – we have yet to find ONE that supports that this sort of dieting works over 2-5+ years for ANYONE, unless you consider a 1 in 30,000 success rate “successful”.  LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS IS THE KEY AND IT’S WHAT EET IS ALL ABOUT!

We’re sincerely hoping EET will produce the first study to produce Long Term Weight Loss and end forever the  “check mark from hell” dieting that leads to weight gain.  TIME will tell, but the only conclusion any reasonable person can reach is that the world of conventional dieting has MORE than had their chance.

Electronic Diary Helped Obese Adults Stick to WeightLoss Plan


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