Watching “Chopped” and The Most Shocking Word in the History of Weight Loss Diets – New EET mail

Mary and Steve enjoy their buttered popcorn during “Chopped”, and learn some shocking news about Diets in the process.

The Most Shocking Word in the History of Weight Loss 

c 2012 EET Fitness, Inc

 Mary and Steve are watching “Chopped” with their traditional bowls of hot buttered popcorn.  “You got the salt to butter ratio perfect tonight, and the hint of chipotle chile powder was inspired!”, Steve said as he crammed another huge fist full into his mouth.  Mary smiled. “So I won’t get chopped when I tell you we don’t have any more?  We finished off the entire bag making our second batch tonight.”  They both laughed.

Just then, a commercial came on with Jennifer Hudson singing how Weight Watchers is the answer to your weight loss prayers.  As if on cue, both Mary and Steve stopped munching and looked at each other.  “We have to do something.  I think it’s finally time for a lifestyle change, Mary said.  We are really risking our health to keep living this way.”   Steve nodded knowingly as he used some popcorn to sop up the remaining buttery salty mixture from the bottom of the bowl.

 They’ve been down this road so many times.  Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, and all the other major plans. Not to mention personal trainers, and crash diets galore including hypnosis and HCG “urine” shots for 6 months at $300 a pop.  When they first dieted, they were  gonna lose that irritating 10-15 lbs that had crept up on them. A few years later the goal was 30 lbs.  Now neither of them get on the scale so it’s hard to set a goal.  Let’s just say it’s a lot.

 “I’m not doing any diet plan we’ve tried before”  Steve told Mary.  It’s just like Einstein said,  “Doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.”  Mary replied, “Fair enough, but we have to do SOMETHING.  Let’s go on line and figure out what works.” 

 They searched “Long Term Weight Loss”.  Same old plans that failed them every time. This time had to be different!  Mary then suggested they add the word that changed everything. 

 “Studies”.   The results of adding this single word was shocking. 

 Mary gasped, “Oh my God, Steve, it’s not just us.  Look at this 2009 study from the New England Journal of Medicine.  No one is succeeding on any diet for the long term!”  Steve replied “We should have known.  Think about all our friends who have lost weight only to gain it all back and so much more over time.  And the news always talks about obesity being out of control. We’ve all been duped.”

 “Well, at least now we know, so we can avoid making the same mistakes again.” Mary said.  “But the bigger question is, now that we know what doesn’t work, what can we do that will?”  “No clue, but I’m sure getting hungry talking about this” Steve said with a smile.  Let’s go celebrate our never dieting again with some late night Dim Sum!”

 Getting the EET Word Out

EET Fitness is very excited to announce a new service for our members —


Starting next week, along with EETer’s weekly update form, EET will now include an EETmail that will cover a key topic from the EET Fitness Plan that you can review and apply immediately, so you will improve your EETing skills and have more FUN!

EETmail needs to be FUN too so we’ve “recruited” EETers Mary and Steve (we’re betting you know them 🙂 ) to help us.  What sort of topics will EETmail cover?  You’ve seen the FREE Sample EETmail above but here are a few more of the adventures of Mary and Steve that will be in EETer’s email soon:

  • KFC and Reeses for an EET Light Meal?  Shut Up!

  • A Diet can be FUN?  I’m sure not seeing it!

  • Breakfast: More Bacon and Sausage, Less Oatmeal and Juice?? It’s ALL Good!

  • The 20 Minute Dinner Miracle for Weight Loss (and it’s not eating less or exercise!)

Everyone who knows about EET knows how committed we are to COMMUNICATION AND SUPPORT.  We already offer:

  • 1-2 webinars per week

  • 1-2 summary podcast per week

  • A Weekly update form via email that lets you update us and get feedback

  • The EETfit Timing Kit and Updates

  • Email, text and Phone consultations

That’s a lot, but busy people need a lot of ways to learn something completely new and different, so we want to offer all we can. 

How much for this new EETmail service?  It’s FREE for current, active EET Members!  If you are a member and don’t receive your EETmail by next Tuesday, write us at and we’ll get it right to you!


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