STUDY: Circadian Rhythms PROFOUNDLY Effect Metabolism – TIMING MATTERS! Portion Control DEAD EET Webinar Recorded

“By identifying the relationship between metabolites and the , we have a new opportunity to spot the optimal times for us to get the fullest benefits from the foods we eat and the medications we take.”  NEW? They could have joined EET and had this opportunity since 2008!

In 2008, Mr. EET realized he could never stay on a deprivation diet, so that was no longer an option.  Instead, Thanks to the science of Nutrient Timing, I saw a way that METABOLIC  TIMING could help without calorie counting or forbidden foods, and The EET Fitness Plan was born.

Meanwhile the experts who love to tell you to deprive and restrict yourself with calorie counting and more and more exercise for calorie burning  keep screaming their’s is the only way.  While their claims are accurate for FAST short term weight loss.  EET keeps asking the BIG question:

How LONG do you want the weight that you work so hard to lose to STAY off? 

Overwhelming clinical research as well as results in the real world provide a clear answer to that question – THE SOLUTION IS DEFINITELY NOT REQUIRED CALORIE COUNTING OR EXERCISE FOR LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS!


EET continually stays on top of the latest clinical research and studies to continue to refine and improve our plan and it’s effectiveness.  Here’s the latest reported just this week:

Circadian rhythms have profound influence on metabolic output, study reveals

A few highlights from this study:

over 24 hours govern fundamental biological and physiological processes in almost all organisms. They anticipate environmental changes and adapt certain bodily functions to the appropriate time of day. Disruption of these cycles can seriously affect human health.”

“By identifying the relationship between metabolites and the , we have taken a first step toward a better understanding of how nutrients interact with our metabolism, giving researchers a new opportunity to spot the optimal times for us to get the fullest benefits from the foods we eat and the medications we take,” added Kristin Eckel-Mahan, a UCI postdoctoral researcher in biological chemistry and study co-author.”

Could using the “optimal TIMES” give us a more efficient metabolism at any age?  Hmmm…..TIME will tell! 🙂


Turns out Metabolic Timing was only PART of EET’s solution, and as of now EET has established the effectiveness of 5 Different Types of Timing, each of which has studies to support them.  We’ll keep working to prove the effectiveness of timing through our research, which we consider every bit as important!

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Speaking of dieting strategies that are proven failures, EET continues our series to end the deprivation of expert defined portion control (which leads to weight GAIN long term) and to establish clear guidelines for EET Portion Management, which relies on EET’s Timing Guidelines.  You can watch the latest webinar which offers 5 ANSWERS for EET portion management in the “heat of the battle” DURING THE MEAL  or listen to the highlight podcast by clicking HERE.  


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