1st Sundae Shirt of Success to EET Jr. Full Ride for Football! 1/2 Marathon Dr. Amy, Wendy, Lindsay Tomorrow!

CSM UPDATE! LS Daniel Pearlstone signs athletic scholarship with Missouri Valley College. Daniel will join DT Nick Pula and LB Jimmy Moors who are currents Vikings. Daniel is a honor student and marks the 17th Bulldog signee in the 2011 class. GO DOGS!!

He did it!

Congratulations to my son EET Jr. – aka Daniel  who signed a full scholarship to play football at Missouri Valley College!

A lot of Daniel’s success is due to The EET Fitness Plan.  And a lot of EET’s success is thanks to Daniel:

Daniel was always one of the smallest players on the field.  He’s 5’10” and weighs somewhere around 180 lbs.

Mr. EET reminds Daniel of his goals last October before the Football Season

His 7 year journey took him from the end of the bench his freshman season, to being a key player on his high school’s first playoff season in many many years, to starting as the long snapper for his entire career for one of the top community college football programs in the country–and finishing his career with a perfect record of successful punt snaps and just as importantly INJURY FREE!  Oh yeah, I should also mention he’s an honors student, not easy to do with the hours of practice required of a major college football program.

Daniel does his thing alongside and against players who’ve signed with major D1 Schools like Oregon, USC and LSU — Daniel’s scholarship money is just as green :-)!

Daniel set a clear goal to get his college paid for through his football playing, and he took his share of ridicule from friends and even teammates for this goal – no one wants to offer a scholarship for a 5’10” 180 lb long snapper.


After his CSM season ended, he dutifully sent out his film and waited as he watched a lot of his teammates signing college scholarships.   Then a few weeks ago, the phone started ringing and faxes and emails started arriving.  One coach even flew out just to meet him!  Before he knew it Daniel had received 4 scholarship offers!   Last week, Daniel signed a letter of intent to accept a full scholarship offer from Missouri Valley College, one of the most successful  small school football programs in the country — and they’ll be paying for Daniel’s college as he helps their program maintain its tradition of success.

Mrs. EET and I and his two brothers could not be more proud of Daniel sticking to his plan and making it happen, and proving a whole lot of skeptics and cynics wrong..

As I said — HE DID IT!

Congrats to Daniel on an amazing accomplishment!


The EET Sundae Shirt of Success — EET’s award for amazing FUN Fitness accomplishments.  Mr. EET remembers that brownie sundae VERY VERY fondly – it’s was a key step to building EET!

So much of what Daniel has accomplished was thanks to the coaching methods that ultimately became the EET Fitness Plan.  EET Goal Setting, 3 Step Technique, FUNtras, Progressions, Rehearsal Training, Beast Training (which led to Eating Timing), even the EET “Thumbs Up” – Daniel was there for all of it, and still uses most of it to this day. Plus he inspires me to “hang in there” and keep pursuing EET’s goals when things do go so well. 

As followers of EET know, we have had amazing success with our Half Marathon Training program, and we have 3 great EETers going after a half marathon TOMORROW.  EET wanted to recognize this  amazing accomplishment so we’ve created

The SUNDAE Shirt of Success

I realized that EET played a great role in Daniel’s success and decided he deserved the first award T-Shirt — he loved it and wears it proudly (at least that’s what he tells me 🙂 ).

Lindsay, 35 Cuts Exercise in Half, Loses 5 of last 10 lbs, RUNS 10 MILES in 4 Wks W/ EET and Margaritas! PICS!

Wendy, 40, Mom of 4, Uses EET to go from Couch to 10k in 3 WEEKS+4 TRAINING RUNS- Half Marathon March 25! WOW!

Dr. Amy GREAT Finish! LA Disney Half Marathon, EET Has Bottega Louie French Macaroons Waiting 🙂

Wendy, Lindsay and Dr. Amy — Tomorrow you can earn yours – hopefully the start of a GREAT FUN EET TRADITION!  Good Luck!


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