1 YEAR LATER No Forbidden Foods, No Portion Control Still Works for EET Diabetic Trial Participants PIC!

1 yr later!  Striking the “EET” Pose:  Portlanders Kathy (lost 150) Ruth (lost 60+) Rhonda (RNP From South Tabor Clinic), Patti (lost 30). Jo (lost 105) and Patty (lost 40+) Not Pictured Ed (lost 20+)

EET Fitness  has never been more proud than to share this update from EET’s Diabetic Timing Diet Trial, which went for 12 weeks starting 1 year ago in March 2011, with quite a few of the participants being patients at South Tabor Dr.’s Clinic in Portland, Oregon.

1 Year later — MOST of the participants in the trial are still on their EET plans.  And unlike other weight loss studies where you consistently find THIS “Checkmark From Hell Pattern” which means all the weight loss and health benefits were lost:

MOST of the participants from the EET Diabetic Timing Diet Trial are:

  • RIGHT AT THEIR LOWEST WEIGHTS — far far below where they ended the 12 week trial

  • Have greatly improved blood readings and vital signs vs 1 year ago

  • Are taking far far less medication than 1 year ago


And they are achieving ALL of these results with

When EET says no calorie counting, forbidden foods, or required exercise, we mean it and our results in our 2011 Diabetic Timing Diet Trial PROVE EET WORKS!  No predefined portion control either–just wouldn’t fit on the logo along with Dr. Recommended! 🙂

The Portland South Tabor Group got together for a little celebration of their 1 year anniversary.  Here’s a great group shot of some of the most amazing EETers you’ll ever meet.   The cool part is several of their spouses are now great EET success stories too!  We’ve got AN UPDATE SUMMARY OF THE TRIAL with all the details — plus more fun pics and some videos that we’ll be sharing soon, too.  Meanwhile you can learn a lot more about EET’s success before during and after the 2011 South Tabor Trial  by checking out the many success stories and updates at this link:


Congrats to the EET Diabetic Timing Diet Trial Success Stories — you’re on the road to STRESS FREE LONG TERM WEIGHT LOSS and a big part of EET’s success that is changing the world of dieting forever — the dieting world just doesn’t know it yet….but they will in TIME!


3 thoughts on “1 YEAR LATER No Forbidden Foods, No Portion Control Still Works for EET Diabetic Trial Participants PIC!

  1. Proud to be part of such a great group of losers! We obviously couldn’t have done it without the EET Fitness Plan and Mr. EET!! Forever indebted and grateful!!! Looking forward to continuing the journey learning how to have STRESS FREE, LONG TERM weight loss!!!

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