STUDY: MORE Chocolate & Calories, Same Exercise = Weight LOSS! Experts Confused! EET KNOWS WHY!

EET Fitness doesn’t claim to have all the answers for Long Term Weight Loss, but we know why this study showed eating more chocolate and more calories (and NO PORTION CONTROL TOO!) can lead to weight loss.

More Clinical Research RIPPED From Todays Headlines:

A new study (of 1000 people–good sample size!) has found people who eat chocolate more frequently tend to be thinner than those who consume the sweet treat less often.:  The participants who ate chocolate more often didn’t consume fewer calories overall, or exercise more, than their non-chocoholic counterparts. In fact, the more frequent chocolate eaters consumed more total calories.

A Chocolate a Day to Get Slimmer?  Wall Street Journal March 26, 2012

How is this POSSIBLE?  Let EET tell you.  It all starts with a little common sense….

Here’s the current state of the weight loss industry:


And this week’s study on chocolate is yet another study that clearly reveals the fundamental flaws in conventional weight loss “technology”

So it’s no surprise to EET when this industry, built on the horribly wrong premise of deprivation and restriction stumbles onto clues of how to do this:

And, just like all the other studies that prove the current model has crashed and burned, the gurus  who are so sure of their model simply scratch their heads and wonder how it can be so (or worse, try to ignore it or mock it!).  And as we continue to see more and more of this:

More and more studies are popping up that PROVE deprivation and restriction lead to WEIGHT GAIN over TIME.  If you truly want to understand what’s happening here, you MUST ACCEPT that these antiquated and dangerous plans cannot show a SINGLE statistically significant study that produces long term weight loss.  There are 100’s of studies that prove they CANNOT.


Every time a study comes up that contradicts deprivation dieting as the solution to weight loss, EET shows how the study’s conclusions are already PART of the EET Fitness Plan, and this most recent study on Chocolate creating weight loss is no different.  Most EETers enjoy chocolate as frequently as they need it — some daily :-).  EETers could have predicted the results of this study as we’ve covered the concept thoroughly as the #2 of the 3 KEY RULES to EET’s NutriFUN:

Keep scratching your head experts, someday EET hopes those who truly want to lose weight will realize short term weight loss using your “flying contraptions” can only lead to a crash landing and a life of obesity, for 29,999 out of 30,000 of us anyhow.

  Would YOU get on a plane to fly where you want to go with a 1 in 30,000 chance of success?  When it comes to weight loss research proves you are taking that much risk EVERY TIME you attempt a diet that includes deprivation and restriction!

TIME (and more studies, we’re sure) will tell.


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