“Can’t Lose Weight” Patty Loses 45 lbs for 1 Year w EET ! Has Message 4 U – Pics Video HOF!

Patty, 49, is an incredible EET Success Story who has lost 45 lbs after 1 yr on EET.  BELOW her goal weight!  She shares her keys to weight loss success along with a message to those struggling in a short video. HOF BABY!

Superstar EETer doesn’t begin to describe Patty’s success with The EET Fitness Plan.  Patty was incredibly frustrated, tried everything and failed, and told me on day 1 she was convinced she couldn’t lose weight.  Sound familiar to anyone?


Patty now realizes it wasn’t her, it was her DIET PLAN – Deprivation, Guilt, Painful Exercise – couldn’t get the job done.    All that was missing was some good ol’ fashioned EET Timing and FUN and now Patty is BELOW her goal weight, healthier and more confident than ever, all while EETing the foods she loves, without restriction, GUILT FREE.

Patty has a message for those who want to know how she did it and how YOU can do it – Watch this:

Special thanks to Patty’s husband Steve (a very successful EETer is his own right!) who shot pics and videos during the 1 Year Anniversary Celebration of EET’s Diabetic Timing Diet Trial at South Tabor Clinic in Portland, Oregon

Then you can read this for more background and if you’d like to hear me gush about Patty some more 🙂 :

Patty, 48, Reborn with EET + 28 Lb Weight Loss in 3 Months! PICS

and Watch this too:

Congrats to Patty — Welcome to EET’s Hall of Fame and EET’s Last 10 Club –  –YOU SO DESERVE IT!  Oh yeah — HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO!  (EET doesn’t have an award club for that but hey, Patty’s B-day is today! 🙂 )


One thought on ““Can’t Lose Weight” Patty Loses 45 lbs for 1 Year w EET ! Has Message 4 U – Pics Video HOF!

  1. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to my sweet sister-in-law! You’re my inspiration and the supplier of my cute wardrobe you shrunk out of!

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