Slow Roast Prime Rib, Garlic Potatoes Chocolate Drizzled Shortbread AMAZING w/ EET Timing!

What’s your MOST favorite dinner?  EET shows you how it can taste far more amazing with EET Timing (and produce weight loss and fitness, but you have to wait for that part of the story 🙂 ). 

Slow Roast Prime Rib, Garlic Potatoes Chocolate Drizzled Shortbread Amazing w/ EET Timing!

 Steve pulled into the driveway after another long week of work,  tired and hungry. As he got out of the car he noticed a bunch of crumpled Snickers bar wrappers littering the passenger seat.  “I ate all this? When? Whatever, but I sure don’t need another lecture from Preacher Mary.”  Then it hit him.  Whoa!  What was that incredible smell?  He snatched up the last couple of wrappers, slammed the car door, actually ran to the garbage can, then raced inside.

“Let’s eat! NOW!.  Steve said.  “I’m absolutely famished.  Had to skip lunch today because two appointments got crammed together.”

  “Dinner will be ready in about 20 minutes.”  Mary replied. “Stay out of the kitchen and please don’t eat anything before because I’ve prepared something special for you,  got it?”  “Okay, but I’m REALLY hungry, Steve said.  It better be something darn good if I gotta suffer waiting for it.”  Steve had a look of true excitement on his face as he headed to the back to change clothes.

Mary went to the kitchen to finish preparing dessert.  “I do need to hurry because all I’ve had today is a salad with some chicken, but I sure didn’t want to spoil a meal this great. God I love chocolate!”, Mary thought as she happily lost herself drizzling it over the the shortbread.   Suddenly there was shouting from down the hall.  “Prime Rib with Horseradish Sauce, and twice baked garlic potatoes – HURRY!!”   It was Steve’s booming voice, literally screaming with anticipation.   Mary was startled by the yelling, then couldn’t help but laugh.  Now this was fun!

She’ll yelled back, “Maybe if you ate more than candy all day, you wouldn’t be so cranky all the time! Relax!  I’ll make sure you get dinner before you starve!”


Part 4 of 4 EET Portion Management Now Recorded!

EET Superstar Dr. Caren Reaves knows a thing  or two about fine wine, and weight loss without “experts” defining her portions!  EET reviews how to use EET Portion Management AFTER a meal in Part 4 of 4.

In this webinar we also share the “cliff notes” version of EET Portion Management.  A Single THREE WORD PHRASE that can remind you of EET’s keys to LOVING your food in the portions you NEED.  Check out the Webinar and Highlight Podcast by clicking HERE.


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